Remembering Those Who Are No Longer With Us

Featured Bride Stephanie M., Wedding Location: Gaylord, MN | Wedding Date: September 10th, 2011

Remembering those who are no longer with us.

My grandmother Pauline and I were always very close; she was my strength while I was going through cancer treatments. She taught me to never give up, to not feel sorry for myself, and she reminded me that there were people who were much worse off than me. The only person who could make me a victim was me.   I spoke to her on the phone almost every day.  When she died unexpectedly five years ago, I was beside myself with grief. Every day, I wish that she was here to help me with the planning and give me advice.  Aaron was equally close to his grandparents, who have passed on in recent years as well.  As part of our planning we are trying to incorporate remembrances of them throughout our wedding.

My grandmother's wedding dress.

Since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to wear my grandma Pauline’s wedding dress when I got married.  And as long as I lose 20 lbs (that’s a whole other blog!), I will be wearing that dress for the ceremony.  I will be the third generation to wear that dress and I know that meant the world to her, as there are only four granddaughters in our family.  My Aunt Mary was the second to wear the dress.  I did purchase a second dress for the reception as I do not want her dress to be ruined during the reception and dance--a good lesson I learned from my sister’s wedding in December!  Bridget wore our mother’s wedding dress and by the end of the night, the back was destroyed. The material was so delicate, and with people stepping on it, the material just gave way and ripped.  My grandmother’s dress is now 71 years old, made of pre–World War II slipper satin. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I wasn't the last one to wear it?

Including all generations.

We are having a table with our great-grandparents', grandparents', and parents' wedding photos. The flowers on the altar at the church are favorite colors or flowers of our grandparents, Aaron’s Uncle Delbert, my Aunt Kristine and Uncle Jim. The church we are having the ceremony in is the same church many of Aaron’s family have been married in during the last 100 years; the church itself is 150 years old.  Our reception site is a dance hall that has been around for 130 years that my grandma Elizabeth went to dances at as a young girl.  Speaking of her, she is still with us and is very feisty! She will turn 90 years young three weeks before our wedding; we will be honoring her as well during the reception. Though these gestures are small, it’s the meaning and memories behind them that make them so important to both of us.  We find comfort in honoring our loved ones on our wedding day, and hope they will be watching over, us sending their love. ~~ Other posts we think you'll love: New Featured Bride Stephanie M: I get to marry the man I was always meant to Meet New Featured Bride Shayne M.

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