Real-Life Engagement Stories: "When You Know, You Know"

Featured Bride, Kirsten S. Wedding Location: Northern Minnesota | Wedding Date: Summer 2012

When you know, you know.

Kirsten S. is a dear friend and coworker of ours, here at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Hearing of her long-awaited engagement was music to our ears, and we couldn't be more thrilled for her and her fiancé, Mike.  Read on, for the romantic story of how this happy couple came to be, along with some of the details of their upcoming nuptials.

It All Began With a Crush...

Engagement Photo Real Bride Kirsten

Mike and I met in 2008, at a museum in northern Minnesota, where we both worked. I was a waitress, while he worked in the grounds and maintenance department. Every day, he would eat lunch in the museum's restaurant. Though he never said a lot, I definitely had a crush, and was happy to see him for lunch every day. My brother's girlfriend also worked in the restaurant with me, and noticed my little crush (was I that obvious?). Needless to say, she decided to intervene...

The "Intervention."

One day, when I wasn't working, my brother's girlfriend asked Mike what he thought about me. I guess he must not have felt too badly about me, because he gave her his number, to give to me! The next day, when she gave me his number, I was mortified! I knew I was going to be seeing him at lunch, and felt so embarrassed that she would had done this! As the day went on, I tried to pretend like I had no idea, but after work, I decided to text him, to see if he wanted to maybe get dinner or drinks sometime. We set up a movie date for later that week, and I know how cliché this sounds, but we've been together ever since.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

On our second date (the very next night), I invited him to come out with me, for my friend's birthday party. We had a party bus and it was going to be a lot of fun! As soon as we stepped on the bus together, all of my friends needed to know - "So, are you guys dating now?"... "Are you girlfriend and boyfriend?". Without much hesitation, and to my surprise, Mike confidently replied, "Yeah, I guess we are."  Wow! What a breath of fresh air, to hear him tell my closest friends, who he had just met, "Yes, I really like this girl, and want to be her boyfriend."

"I Love You"... Then, Panic.

That night (well, technically early the next morning!), we were outside of my friend's house talking, and I told Mike that I loved him. After the words came out of my mouth, I panicked! I didn't want to scare him off - this was only the second time we'd ever hung out! But he just smiled, and said, "I know what you mean, and I love you too". Two months later, we moved in together, and I've been hoping for a ring ever since! Even early on, it was clear that we both had our own unique personalities that were so far from each other, yet seemed to mesh seamlessly. At the end of the day, we are both willing to fight for each other.

Road Trip!

This January, Mike and I decided to plan a two-week road trip, and head out west. A once-in-a-lifetime, do-it-while-you're-young, 2,000+ mile road trip! We planned a lot of romantic things, including staying at a Bed & Breakfast on Lake Tahoe, a six-hour private sailing day in San Francisco, a two-night stay in Las Vegas, and a drive down California's scenic Highway 1. While planning this trip, I was, of course, constantly thinking about the possibility of getting engaged! - How romantic would it be to be proposed to on the beautiful beach at Lake Tahoe, on The Golden Gate Bridge, or even in Death Valley?! There were so many possibilities! Mike had always said that he didn't want me to be involved, in any way, in the choosing of the engagement ring, or in any other part of the proposal process. But after living together for three years, I was thinking it'd be very difficult to surprise me!

The Marriage Proposal.

On the very last day of our trip, we visited Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona. We had so much fun, just walking on the trails and exploring. As we were about to wrap up our day and start the very long drive back to Minnesota, Mike said, "I really liked the first place we were walking at today; do you think we could go back there, and maybe look around a little more?" It wasn't very far out of our way, so I agreed that it would be nice. We walked along the trail for about a half-mile, (until Mike was sure there was no one around). When we came up to a beautiful overlook of the canyon, we decided to stop. Mike look worried, and soon began tearing up. I gave him a hug (still totally oblivious to what was about to happen!), and asked him, "What's wrong?" He told me "Nothing," then got down on one knee, looked up at me with his gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes, and blubbered - "I just really want to marry you." I was SHOCKED! I had totally not expected him to propose right then and there, and it took me a few minutes to take in what had just happened. Of course, I said "YES!", and he got up and put the ring on my finger. It was his mother's ring, from when she and his dad were married 26 years ago. Apparently, she had offered to give him her ring a year ago, and he'd had her send it to him the week of our trip! (Such a procrastinator, my boy is!).

The Wedding Planning.

Though Mike and I are both from northern Minnesota, we both really wanted to host our wedding in Saint Paul. It's where we live, and it really is one of our favorite cities. In the end, though - after a few months of lists, tours, and phone calls - we decided to have an outdoor (but elegant!) wedding at the cabin, instead. Years ago, my grandfather built the cabin for his family to enjoy. As a kid, my dad spent his summers there, and when I was a kid, I did too. It means so much to me, to be able to get married in the front yard of our family cabin - a place that is so near and dear to my heart. A place where I enjoyed hours and hours of swimming, watersports, picnics, and birthdays, with my entire family; where my grandmother curled my hair with rags, and brought us fixin's cookie sheet, to make s'mores at night. I look forward to, one day, bringing our future kids to the cabin, and sharing all of my memories made there, and show them exactly where they took place - including the exact spot where Mike and I said "I Do".


Congratulations to you and Mike, Kirsten! We're so happy for you, and are honored that you've chosen to share your wedding planning journey with us. We look forward to hearing even more, as you continue to plan your wedding! ~Wedding Shoppe, Inc.


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