Tune into Love: Planning Your Wedding Reception Music

Music does so much to set the mood at any event. You want to make sure your wedding reception music—from the first dance song all the way to the parting music—makes the perfect impression. Some of us start planning our wedding music from the time we meet our partner, and some of us wait until the DJ asks for that playlist. Whenever you decide to pick your tunes, do it carefully!

How to Choose First Dance Songs

Let your music reflect your relationship.

Unless a church requires you to have specific wedding ceremony music or to stay within certain traditional parameters, why not use music that you and your partner like to listen to? Do an Internet search for classical versions of your favorite songs, or have a musically-inclined friend play them as wedding present. Many churches also allow couples to choose their recessional music, which is traditionally more upbeat and celebratory. Some of my favorites are “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles, “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray Lamontagne, and “Ho-Hey” by The Lumineers.

Selecting Your Wedding Reception Music

Let your guests give their input on the wedding reception music.

A fun thing to do with your invitations is to add a song request, so everyone on the guest list can hear their favorites. This could save you a lot of time! Once you get their requests, fill up the rest of the playlist with music that’s meaningful to you and your guests: the Beyoncé song you always sing at karaoke, that Duran Duran song you choreographed for the 10th grade talent show, or that favorite Dave Matthews Band song from college.

Planning Your Wedding Reception Music

First dance songs should be collaborations.

Don’t let that first dance be a surprise. Does your partner love Pearl Jam, but you don’t really care for Eddie Vedder? Well, by all means, make sure you have some say. Remember, this is about who you are as a couple, and your family and friends will be watching (as weird as that may seem now). Try to think of first dance songs that describe who you are as a couple. “All of Me” by John Legend, “Only Love” by Ben Howard, and “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes are unique options that haven’t been overused. If you’re fun and carefree, why not try something upbeat? I’ve seen couples do a jig to “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnet Zeros, as well as “Love On Top” by Beyoncé. No one requires you to slow-dance this one, or to have a perfectly choreographed routine! Make it reflect your relationship, and it’ll be perfect!

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