Thank Your Friends with the Perfect Bridal Party Gifts

Your attendants have likely spent a lot of quality time with you throughout the wedding planning process. They may have hosted showers and bachelorette parties, attended luncheons, or even helped with DIY wedding projects. At the end of all of the wedding planning and party madness, it is time to say ‘thank you’ for everything your dear friends have done. Gifting them with a token of your gratitude is not only a tradition, but an important way to show your appreciation.

Choosing Your Bridal Party Gifts

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Choose matching bridal party gifts for your gals.

The easiest and most popular of bridesmaid gift ideas is to choose the same item for all of your friends. Choosing the same gift is a great way to keep things simple and fair; you won’t have to worry that someone feels less appreciated. You can still select personalized bridesmaid gifts to show each friend they’re special. Monograms on silk robes or a sweet note with each present are perfect ways to show your appreciation without hurting anyone's feelings.

Shop personalized bridesmaid gifts for the maid of honor.

All of your ‘maids are very special, but your maid of honor usually takes on most of the responsibilities. While having matching bridal party gifts for your ladies is a great way to keep things consistent, gifting your maid of honor with a little something extra can show your gratitude for her extra help. Consider choosing personalized bridesmaid gifts for everyone, but adding a ‘maid of honor’ tagline to hers. This little detail can make her hard work feel appreciated.
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Consider these useful bridesmaid gift ideas.

Your bridesmaids have put forth love and effort to make your big day as memorable as possible. The best way to thank them is with bridal party gifts that they’ll actually be able to use. Avoid gifting something that your friends won’t use, for example, giving earrings to someone who doesn’t have pierced ears, or a personalized flask to someone who doesn’t drink. Some useful bridesmaid gift ideas include: bags, vases, and picture frames.

What did you give your 'maids on your wedding day? Did you receive a gift from a bride that you loved? Let us know in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:27

Dessy style “Sand1” is an awesome choice for getting something cost effective and useful that also matches for your bridal party! I have purchased them for my bridal party as they come in a huge selection of bridesmaid dress colors. These flip flops are cute and comfortable for when you’re ready to ditch the high heels and cut a rug!

Wedding Shoppe Blogger: Meghan Ziegel
May 16, 2019 07:27

Great advice Liz! We love that idea!

If you’re interested in using Dessy flip flops for your bridal party gifts, you can find them here:

May 16, 2019 07:27

Giving the same gift to everyone seems really hard! I like the idea of giving the same thing to everyone but putting a twist on the Maid of Honor’s gift because she probably has a different relationship with the bride. When I was a Maid of Honor, I got the same gift as all the other bridesmaids plus a little picture frame. It was nice to be noticed for all the work!

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