Part I: Wedding Photography Advice from Clewell Photography

That breathtaking walk down the aisle, saying "I do," cutting the cake and dancing the night away.  All of these cherished moments will be remembered forever through your wedding photography--one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.  Kris Clewell of Clewell Photography would like to share some wedding photography advice with you so that you can make the most out of your special day.

Wedding photography advice from Clewell Photography.

There are many things that are often overlooked when planning the when and where of how things happen on your wedding day. For many brides, the photos are a key and integral piece of their wedding puzzle. Most photographers can overcome a myriad of situations. Though this is the case, some brides often don't realize that in some instances photos can only be as good as where or when they are taken. This blog post is meant only as a primer and a guideline. I do not wish to come across as a self important photographer that hopes for the entire day to revolve around him/her. It is only meant to be a helpful guide using my past experience to merely suggest what works well in particular situations to get the best out of your photographer's time...

The "Getting ready" pictures:

In Part 1 here, I will be discussing getting ready. I of course don't want to post up any bad examples, lest I embarrass someone, but the getting ready part of the day is often overlooked. The photos people love and expect are dreamy, and grandiose. The beautiful bride gets ready in the top of the castle and eventually floats down the stone stairs to her awaiting hero. While this is obviously an exaggeration, its a far cry from getting ready in the public bathroom of the church. It's tough for the photographer to get a great shot of the groom intently putting his tie and cuff links on with a bathroom stall in the reflection of the mirror. The bride, no matter how beautiful, isn't going to look her best if the tampon dispenser hangs ominously out of focus in the background of her getting her hair done.

Find the right space.

While the perfect location may not be available, many churches offer a green room. Try to see if the church you are interested in has one. This means NOT the church playroom adorned with the alphabet, giraffes and lions. If not, where would you be getting ready? Is it comfortable? well lit? Often a hotel is the best place for getting ready, but there are still a few things to consider. Are there a decent amount of mirrors? Are they big enough for you see yourself in your dress in? Is there room for 6 or 7 guys to get ready comfortably and still allow the photographer to move around?   Also, don't forget to keep the extra stuff to a minimum -  luggage, left over lunch and all those garment bags should be hidden as much as possible by your personal assistant or friend. A little forethought and a bit of prep scouting can really help your wedding photographer create great images of your anticipation. Part 2 will discuss the 'first meeting' and formals. Stay tuned! Kris Clewell of Clewell Photography


Clewell Photography wedding photographers are based in the Minneapolis area and offer a unique wedding photography style to their clients.  Incorporating fashion-photography into the traditional wedding setting allows them to capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding day.  For more information on Clewell Photography and how you can book them for your big day, visit the Clewell Photography listing on our Vendor Locator or on their website, Other Posts You'll Love: Trash the Dress Photo Shoot on MNBride by Gunnar Cook Photography Falling in Love: Jill and Justin's Wedding Shoppe Inc. Story Engagement Sessions from A to Z

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Mariah Letourneau
April 29, 2020 14:38

Can’t wait to see how my wedding photos will turn out I have a full board of pictures to re create

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