Featured Bride, Lauren W.: One Month Away!

Featured Bride, Lauren W. Wedding Location: Wayzata, MN | Wedding Date: October 8, 2011 I can't believe we only have 30 days until we exchange vows and I become a 'Mrs.'! Crazy. These past couple of weeks have been very DIY (ya know, DIY... Do it Yourself). I've taken photos this time around as well for your viewing pleasure! So where do I begin...

Wedding planning we've done so far: DIY projects!

In the past two weeks, we've completed a lot of projects (including some of our DIY wedding decorations!):
  1. Our wedding cupcake stands
  2. The wedding itinerary
  3. Our wedding cupcake toppers
  4. Our wedding video
  5. Our wedding programs
  6. The marriage license
  7. And some good ol' organization, in general.

Cupcakes! - The Wedding Cupcake Stands:

The wedding cupcake stands were a real hunt! Since we've decided to go nontraditional and serve cupcake wedding cakes to all of our 200+ wedding guests, we wanted to get creative with how we'd display them. Therefore, we went to Michael's and bought a bunch of crates in various sizes. Then, we painted them with white acrylic paint, and voilà! - the wedding cupcake stands were finished! (Sorry, I don't have pics of those... they're not that great alone anyways.)

The Wedding Itinerary:

The wedding itinerary was another challenge. How to get everything accomplished in one day with four bridesmaids, four groomsmen, two personal attendants and three ushers... oh, and family, friends, vendors... AHH! I feel anxious just typing it! Well, we figured it out. It took a few tries and calls to vendors, but thanks to the wonderful Christine at Golden Valley Golf & Country Club, we had most everything taken care of in one meeting. Then it was just time to type it up!

More Cupcakes! - The Wedding Cupcake Toppers:

Next, came another one of our DIY wedding decorations: the cupcake flags that we will be using as wedding cupcake toppers. A project I was super excited about, but did not realize how long it would take! Uffda! Thankfully, my other half helped me tremendously, and the job was cut in half. Here is a photo of one of the three varieties of our fabulous wedding cupcake toppers! The second variety is solid purple with a different tail, and the third has our last name stamped on it (individual stamps done by the fiancé! pretty amazing guy, huh!?).

DIY wedding cupcake toppers

The Wedding Video:

The wedding video was a blast. We've spent the last few trips to B's hometown, just looking at old photos, and deciding which ones we'd like to use, so that part was actually pretty easy. The scanning and emailing is what took us a while. *A word of advice for the bride and groom to be: give yourself a FULL day for this project, and don't leave it to the last minute!*

The Wedding Programs:

Our wedding programs were done next! These took us a while, too, but it was SO worth it, once we got them! I want to keep these a surprise for our wedding guests, so I won't post... BUT - a word of advice for the bride and groom: USE Vistaprint! They're a great company and give great results. Plus, they're very affordable, and you can often find Groupon deals for Vistaprint (something like $10 for $50 worth of products) - a great way to save lots on all of your printing needs for the big day!

The Marriage License ... I Wrote My New Name for the 1st Time!

Okay... next, came the marriage license. What a neat experience. Of the wedding planning activities that we've done so far, it might be my favorite - and it only took 15 minutes! We were in and out in no time flat. The best part was writing out my new name for the first time. For brides out there who are contemplating whether you should take your man's name, or keep your own--do both! You don't even need a hyphen. I decided to add my maiden name to my middle name, and I'm taking B's last name as my own. I'll have two middle initials, but I just couldn't let go of my maiden name entirely. Here is a photo of B with our marriage license! Doesn't he look thrilled?!

Marriage License for Featured Bride Lauren W. & her soon-to-be HUBBY

Well, that's all for now! Until next time.... Cheers! ~LC


Follow Lauren W. and her wedding planning journey, as she gets closer and closer to her big day, here on My Wedding Chat.

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