What to Consider when Picking your Wedding Flowers

Pick beautiful wedding flowers for your wedding day with the help of Marah Cole Designs!

What to consider when picking your wedding flowers:

In addition to visual aspects such as texture, color, shape and size of blossoms discussed earlier, consider fragrance, availability, cost and durability.  Do you have allergies?  What time of year is your wedding?  What is your budget for flowers and decorations?  Which flowers hold up the best?


Most flowers have a little fragrance, but if you have strong allergies you might want to stay away from extra fragrant blossoms such as lily of the valley, stargazer lilies, freesia and hyacinth.   No one wants a bouquet with an overpowering fragrance, but in moderation, fragrance is the one thing that all brides seem to love regardless of style and personal preference.


With lots of flowers grown in greenhouses, most flowers are available year-round.  The exception to this is some spring flowers such as daffodils, hyacinth and iris.  However, even these are becoming increasingly available year around.


As much as we would like to think it doesn’t matter, price is always something to consider.  Any budget can be worked with if a bride is open-minded.  Some flowers such as calla lilies are especially expensive.  Roses are not as expensive as some people seem to think because they can bulk up a bouquet nicely which means less stems are needed in the end.  The same thing goes for orchids because there are multiple blossoms on a stem.


No matter what flowers you choose, wedding bouquets are never cheap; therefore, it is important that they hold up through the entire event.  Most professional florists process flowers with extra hydrating solutions to help the flower drink as much water as possible.  Carnations and standard daisies hold up great, but are not usually formal enough for a wedding. Flowers that hold up the best include roses, orchids, and calla lilies.   Hydrangeas and gerbera daisies need a little extra attention. Marah Nicholson –Artistic Director Marah Cole Designs www.marahcoledesigns.com 612-290-2730 Other Blogs You'll Love: Visual Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers So Many Flowers, So Little Time: How to Choose the Right Flowers for your Wedding
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