Newest My Wedding Chat Featured Bride, Tanya M.

Featured Bride Tanya M., Wedding Location: Hayward, WI | Wedding Date: June 4, 2011

The newest featured bride: Tanya M.!

A little bit about us: Bride: My name is Tanya, I’m 22.  Been living in Northfield, MN since the fourth grade where I met my soon to be husband!  I am currently in the process of earning a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Groom: My fiancé is Blake, and is 22.  Born and raised in Northfield, MN.  Blake is the youngest of five kids!  He is a Corporate Website Manager for Activar as well as the founder of Veep Design. Blake and I have known each other since we were in the fourth grade.

The proposal.

We decided to go to the family cabin in Hayward, WI for our "1 year" anniversary.  Before we left I gave Blake his gift and Blake said he wasn't going to give me my gift until we got there.  Well, I didn't really think much of it besides the part where I was told I wasn't allowed to go into the trunk because Blake said my gift was in there and I would see it if I did. We went on our way, stopped for breakfast like usual.  As we were on our way, and ironically enough we talked a little bit about what we would want for whenever we got married.  I told Blake about a church I drove by that I thought was very pretty as well as other things. We got to the cabin; and were unpacking a little bit.  Once again I wasn't allowed to help, because my gift was in there!!  So, I let Blake go ahead and finish up.  When that was done, Blake looked through his bag and realized he forgot underwear! Of all things, underwear!  So, we knew we had to make a trip to Walmart eventually. Blake went to take the cover off of the pontoon; he told me to go relax on the beach.  I took my book and went down to read. Shortly after, Blake came to join me...sat there for a little bit and then I told Blake we should go to Walmart to get it over with so we could get back to get on the boat to enjoy what sun we had left for the day.  Well, he told me to relax!  But I wouldn’t let the Walmart trip go! That being said, you know what's coming next!  Blake got down on one knee, and popped the question!  We were both very excited!  Called almost everyone right away! And yes, we did go to Walmart!  What a perfect weekend! Our close friends, Brittany and Joe, came to celebrate with us! Let the wedding planning begin!  Wedding is planned for June 4, 2011 in Hayward, WI! Other Posts You'll Love. Featured Bride Nikki S: Timing is Everything Top 5 Ways to Save Early on in Wedding Planning Wedding Planning Update My Wedding Chat and Wedding Shoppe Inc. expert wedding bloggers are here to guide you throughout your entire wedding planning experience. Want more?  Like Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Facebook and Follow Wedding Shoppe Inc. on Twitter.

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