New for November: Bari Jay informal wedding dress 2013 styles

When I first started learning about bridal gowns I was blown away by how many different styles and types of weddings there are. Maybe you are like me and just thought there were A-line and lace dresses to choose from, but the world of bridal gown styles is so much bigger than that! Let’s start with one of my favorites: the informal bridal gown.

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What makes a bridal gown an informal bridal gown?

The difference between a formal and an informal bridal gown used to be simply defined by the length of the dress. Now the lines have blurred a little. There are two things to consider: the location of your wedding (is it a beach or destination wedding?) and whether or not the dress has a train. All of the Bari Jay informal wedding dress 2013 styles have an almost unnoticeable train, which makes them great dresses for informal weddings. We've got a wide selection to choose from! Check out all of our amazing gowns!>>

Let’s start with Bari Jay informal wedding dress 2012 styles.

New 2013 informal bridal gown styles are just beginning to be released. The first photo in this post is my personal favorite dress, but there are some stunning Bari Jay informal wedding dress 2012 styles still in-stock and ready to make you feel gorgeous!  From flowing chiffon knee length informal styles to the coveted one shoulder full length dress, Bari Jay informal wedding dress 2012 styles have it all.
Informal wedding dress Bari Jay informal

No matter your style or budget, informal wedding dress styles are a great place to start.

Even an informal bridal gown can be formal if you add the right accessories, flowers, and attitude. Take some time and check out our current styles today on, and if you find a dress you love, share it on our Facebook wall! We’d love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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