Real-Life Engagement Stories: "I Get to Marry the Man I was Meant For!"

Featured Bride Stephanie M. Wedding Location: Gaylord, MN | Wedding Date: September 10th, 2011 Please welcome the newest member of My Wedding Chat, Featured Bride, Stephanie M.

Real-life engagement stories.

Hello, I’m Stephanie, and my fiancé is Aaron. I am a five-year survivor of ovarian cancer, a student of Biochemistry and Mathematics, and a scrapbooker. I love to spend time with my parents and my extended family, as well as my friends. Aaron is a co-owner of MSP Aero (which he pours his heart and soul into), a lover of music, and a homebody (when he's able). We have an adorable three-year-old Lhasa Apso, named Maggie.

How We Met:

Aaron and I met a long time ago, in high school. We had mutual friends, and he worked at the grocery store in our hometown, with my best friend, Julie.  We attended Sibley East High School, in Arlington, MN; which is a small school that includes three towns and their surrounding areas.  We knew each other as acquaintances, but never really hung out.   Aaron found me on MySpace in 2007, and started emailing me.  Soon, we began hanging out, and we've been together ever since!

The Marriage Proposal:

We flew to Ireland, to attend a friend's wedding, and decided to stay a few extra days, so we could see the sights in Dublin, before heading to Belfast, in Northern Ireland, where the wedding was to be held. Unbeknownst to me, Aaron had carried what would be my engagement ring in his backpack, through security at the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Amsterdam, and Dublin airports! All week, I kept asking him why he wouldn’t bring his backpack with us when we left the hotel (he normally takes his backpack everywhere). He just kept putting all his things in my shoulder bag! Aaron first planned to propose the Friday before the wedding; however, he felt the timing just wasn't quite right. We went to the wedding on Saturday, and on Sunday we headed back to Dublin for our last day in Ireland. We went to a small village on the coast called Malahide. Because the weather was so incredible (70 degrees and sunny), everyone on the island was out and about. We walked all around the village, shopped, and ate lunch. Then we walked for what felt like hours through what I called "Sherwood Forest," trying to find Malahide Castle. We walked around the castle and the grounds, and then got on the bus to go back into the city.  Finally, we arrived back at our hotel, and we decided to take some time to relax before dinner.  Aaron asked me if this was the perfect vacation. I replied, "Yes... though it would be better with a ring." (I was joking! The only reason I actually said this, is because everyone we knew, said he would propose there, but  I didn't really think he would bring the ring halfway across the world!) Aaron came up behind me with an open ring box and said, "You mean this ring?" I turned around, and he asked, "Will you marry me?" After I said, "Yes!," he jumped up with excitement, and gave me a pair of earrings that matched the ring!


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