Looking for Unique Wedding and Reception Ideas? Say “I Do” to the Breakfast Wedding!

Looking for Unique Wedding and Reception Ideas? Say “I Do”  to the Breakfast Wedding!
Have you been searching for some unique wedding and reception ideas? We have too! One of our favorite trends is the breakfast wedding. Think about it. You love a good cup of coffee, your groom loves bacon (as most men do)—why not take your favorite things and plan a breakfast or brunch wedding reception? There are a few major benefits to planning a breakfast wedding. Like most unique wedding and reception ideas, a morning wedding is cost-saving, time-saving, and most definitely unique.

Plan your perfect morning wedding

A breakfast or brunch wedding reception is a friend to your budget.

Thanks to websites like Pinterest and Etsy, the do-it-yourself wedding trend is all over the web. This has been great to wedding budgets everywhere, but it doesn’t make the venue you choose or the food you purchase any cheaper. Hosting a breakfast or brunch wedding reception is cost-saving in both those areas. Venues tend to be cheaper if you are booking them for non-peak times, especially if you will be gone in time for them to set up for another wedding later on that day. Another budget friendly perk of a morning wedding? Breakfast foods are cheaper than the top sirloin or chicken Kiev dish you would serve at your evening wedding.  Plus, the smell of breakfast food would give people an instant homey, comfortable feeling. We love the idea of sitting down at a breakfast or brunch wedding reception and sharing those warm feelings with your closest family and friends.

Morning wedding? Say yes!

 Unique wedding and reception ideas: What about the party?

As we fell more and more in love with this idea we did a little research. The main concern for brides planning a morning wedding is: what about the party and dance? This is a perfectly normal concern. The beauty of a breakfast wedding is that you can make the party last all day! Start your morning with the official ceremony and reception. Then invite your nearest and dearest back to your home (or your parent’s home), a lakeside cabin, or even a park. You can play some yard games, enjoy an adult beverage or two, and just spend quality time with each other. One of my favorite morning weddings  had all the VIP guests end up at their home with a pool and they danced the afternoon away poolside next to tiki torches.

Plan your morning wedding now

If the idea of a formal wedding is stressing you out, or you just want to scream that your wedding isn’t reflecting you, consider a morning wedding or breakfast wedding. It’s a wonderful, casual option for those who just want to spend quality time with their guests and enjoy a day full of love and (of bacon). A special thanks to Studio Laguna for lending us these photos of a beautiful morning wedding.

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