Always a Bridesmaid: a Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dresses Restyle

Always a Bridesmaid: a Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dresses Restyle
Here we go with week three of our “Always a bridesmaid never a bride” series! We are getting a full spectrum of great colors. First, Brittney restyled a yellow dress. Then it was hot pink, and today it’s a gorgeous royal purple color: Wisteria from Angelina Faccenda. Since purple is such a popular color, it seems fitting that we show you how to make this color work for you long after the wedding is over.

Make your purple bridesmaid gown work for you with a bridesmaid dress restyle!

Angelina Faccenda is a division of Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses, one of the Wedding Shoppe’s most beloved designers. This dress’ gorgeous silky taffeta fabric is a trademark of both Angelina Faccenda and Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses, and it’s perfect for your evening wedding.

Remix that purple bridesmaid gown with these bridesmaid dress restyle ideas.

Wear again bridesmaid dress Mori Lee Bridesmaid dress
We’ve talked before about utilizing neutrals when it comes to restyling dresses in really vibrant colors. While Wisteria is a little more understated than our previous colors, it’s still a bold, saturated color. Jewel tones like this look fabulous with a dark khaki or camel color (like the color of Brittney’s sweater). This skirt’s length can be tricky for petite girls to wear, but Brittney chose some super versatile nude pumps, which help elongate her legs and make her look taller. (If you don’t own any nude pumps yet, go buy some now! They are a wardrobe workhorse, especially when it comes to any bridesmaid dress restyle!)

“What if my purple bridesmaid gown is too formal for everyday wear?”

This is a common problem. Since most weddings are semi-formal affairs, bridesmaids sometimes find it difficult to incorporate something so dressy into their day-to-day wardrobe. If you have a dress like Angelina Faccenda 20103 and are having a hard time making it appropriate for day, why not roll with the formality? Dress it up like Brittney did, with a pretty sweater and simple pumps, and wear it on date night or out to dinner with the girls. If you’re truly stuck and know there’s no way you’ll ever be able to wear it again, consider donating it to a charitable organization; there are several that specialize in providing special occasion, prom, and homecoming dresses for girls and women who cannot afford them. After all, if you’ve already enjoyed your dress, you may as well pass along the opportunity to feel pretty! Check back next week for our last installment of “Always a bridesmaid never a bride”!

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