Minnesota Wedding Photographers: 8 Tips for Perfect Photos

Do the words “wedding planning” give you goose bumps? Then this one’s for you! To help you sail smoothly through this exciting journey, the best Minnesota wedding photographers are excited to share 8 essential tips on smart and easy planning and photography. We really trust these guys and you should too! After all, they have seen it ALL throughout their careers, and know what it takes to create the ideal big day. bride-and-groom

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1. Perfection Takes Time

Ask your makeup artist and hairdresser to give you an approximate duration for their work. Since you need to look picture-perfect on your big day, and pros don’t like to hurry, add half an hour more to what they tell you. Better safe than sorry, right? bride-getting-makeup-done

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2. Decide the Dynamics of Your Morning

If you choose to have a getting-ready photo session, you can either be by yourself, or surrounded by your family and closest friends. This choice will also influence on your energy that day, so it’s totally up to you! Just make sure your photographer knows all the details, and if your groom and groomsmen want their morning photographed, too. bride-getting-ready

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3. Know the Church Rules

There are churches which have restrictions regarding photography. Some impose rules about the spots where the shooter may stand during the ceremony, while others do not allow photographs at all. Ouch! Before booking your church, double-check that they allow ceremony shots. church-wedding-ceremony

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4. The Perfect Light is Key in Outdoor Ceremonies

Choosing to have your outdoor ceremony a couple of hours before the sun sets is smart. Since the light will be falling evenly on everyone’s face, your photographer will not deal with shadows so much. Shooter’s heaven! outdoor-wedding-ceremony

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5. Have the Photographer with You at All Time

It’s always a good idea to have your photographer in the same car with you before and after the ceremony, and even when going to your reception venue. Some of the best and most intimate shots are taken during these short “breaks”, so make room for one more in the car! Once again, make sure your vendor has a detailed schedule of your day to avoid any delays or mishaps. bride-and-groom-in-car

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6. Take Enough Time for Portraits

Your portrait session is one of the most important glimpses of your big day, so let your Minnesota wedding photographer guide you every step of the way. However, you must cooperate, too. Be patient and open-minded. Oh, and allow at least one hour for the shoot! groom-kissing-bride

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7. Have Your Dearest Immortalized

Family and group photos should be taken right after the ceremony. Ideally, someone who already knows all your guests will help the wedding photog organize everyone for the shoot. Personal attendant, anyone? wedding-party

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8. Lighting – an Essential Ingredient

If you are having an indoor reception, there will never be too much light for the photographer. Use candles, lamps, and DJ LED lights to create an intimate feel. An alfresco dinner also requires extra lighting. Fairy lights, lanterns, sparkly chandeliers, or candles in mason jars will add to the dreamy atmosphere. Whatever you use, avoid boring black backgrounds. wedding-reception-decor

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Once you have all the above under control, leave it to your Minnesota wedding photographer to create magic with the camera. Do not mind the unexpected (hey, sometimes it may even lead to memorable shots!) and try to be as spontaneous as you can. Looking for more planning tips? Check out the perfectweddingguide.com and get your copy of the Minneapolis – St. Paul Perfect Wedding Guide at over 200 Twin Cities locations!

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