Megan & Bob's Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Story

As our offices are filled with holiday cheer and our tummies are full of cookies, there couldn't be a better time to bring you our latest Wedding Shoppe Inc. couple, Megan and Bob.

Megan & Bob's Wedding Shoppe Story!

With her heart set on a summer 2010 wedding, Megan shares her story of juggling their wedding plans in the midst of a trip to Africa.  With the help from a local favorite, Erin Johnson Photography, and our fabulous Wedding Shoppe Inc. Bride Megan herself, My Wedding Chat brings you a delightful post filled with creativity and style!  Enjoy what Megan has to say in regards to her wedding and the super cute photos from Megan and Bob's bridal session and wedding day with Erin Johnson Photography.  (PS- Because we know you're all dying to know, details about Megan's wedding gown will follow!) My Wedding Chat presents to you Megan & Bob's Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Story....

Our story.

We had been dating for 5 years, and soon I was headed to Africa. He knew he wanted to propose before I left, so it happened in June, and I had about a month to get some of the main things booked. My ceremony venue wouldn’t confirm a booking until I was in Africa, so I had to hope that it would all work out, and it did.

The dress.

When I got home, I had the ceremony and reception sites booked, and photographer (Erin Johnson Photography). Then it was time to look for the dress. My sister lives in Atlanta, and wanted to be there during the search for a dress, so she flew home for Labor Day weekend. Basically, my dress shopping was packed into one weekend. We went to 5 stores in 4 days. I was determined to find a one-shoulder dress, however at the time, there weren’t many. So I tried on a variety of other dresses, strapless, strapless that I could convert to a one-shoulder, one-shoulders, etc. The Wedding Shoppe had the most variety of one-shoulders, and I had saved a particular one for last. When I put it on, I knew I wanted it; however, it needed more. The sales person was placing brooches and hair pieces by the strap to show what could be done. That was it, I was going to make my own dress accessory and that was the dress.

Wedding stationary.

We knew we wanted a lot of color in the wedding party and in the stationery. Megan Wendt ( designed our stationery, and the color palette and creativity exploded from the save the date all the way to the thank you.

The bridal party.

Next up, finding the right colors for the tuxes and bridal party dresses. We knew we wanted charcoal tuxes; however, at the beginning of our search no one had what we were looking for. We stopped by the Wedding Shoppe and learned that they would be getting one about a month later. So, a month later we went back, and they had the perfect one. By that point, the girls had their teal and clementine dresses, the guys got their charcoal and lime green tuxes, and we were set.


On to details... I wanted chandelier earrings, and found the perfect pair. The hair piece was a locally custom-designed piece.  All I had left was to decide if I wanted a veil. The shorter ones weren’t hitting the spot for me, and I had been doing wedding errands one evening after work and a person suggested the cathedral veil. On a whim I stopped by the Wedding Shoppe to see if I could just look at their cathedral veils. Not only did they let me look, they pulled my dress and let me try it on with the veil. My decision became easy and a full-length veil was just perfect. It added drama to my somewhat simple/modern dress. All our little details came together just perfectly, it was a blast. Our day was wonderful, surrounded by amazing friends and family. We had so much fun and the photos show it. Thank you to all our friends, family and vendors!
Aren't they a fun couple?  Everything from the DIY accessories to the bright colors that complement their wedding day allow their love and personalities to shine through in these photos.
Now let's get down to the details about Megan's stunning bridal gown.  Wedding Shoppe Inc. was proud to provide Megan with the dress of her dreams, the San Patrick Bridal Gown Enero.  This one-shoulder beauty complements Megan's style and personality to a tee.
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Sarah Soho
May 16, 2019 06:45

SOOOO CUTE :) You looked beautiful on your wedding day, and what a great couple! Thanks for sharing!

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