"Meant to Be" {New Featured Bride, Angi K.}

Featured Bride, Angi K. Wedding Location: St. Paul, MN | Wedding Date: May 26th, 2012

We are pleased to welcome our newest Wedding Shoppe Inc. featured bride: Angi K.

Pure Destiny.

Believing it was pure destiny, Angi recounts the serendipitous way that she and her fiancé, Chris, met.  As she says, "You just never know what could happen..." We couldn't agree more. Enjoy!

How It All Began...

A five-minute chat was all it took for me to give Chris “Brothers” my full name and number.  Not a likely move on my part. I first met Chris at a bar, called Brothers, in downtown Minneapolis; which is weird to say aloud, because I never thought that the ‘bar scene’ was a way to find true love. So, anyway, I had Chris’s name, used the location of where we met for his last name (hence the nickname, Chris Brothers), phone number, and that was that. We actually didn’t even speak to each other, until about 2 months later, when we  ran into each other at yet another bar. Well, more like, I jumped and gave him the biggest hug - the kind of hug you give a close friend that you haven’t seen for… well, 2 months. Talk about destiny! It was on that same evening, that Chris and I actually made the effort to go out on a date, and guess where it was? Down at the bars on Grand Avenue, just a few blocks down from Wedding Shoppe, Inc. It was on this first date, that we had our first kiss - and it wasn’t one of those awkward, stand-in-the-doorway, chat for a few minutes, hesitate, then lean in and bump heads type of kisses. No, this was a perfect kiss. Chris was actually dancing with me outside, on the streets of Grand Avenue, then he twirled me and literally swept me off my feet - that kind of kiss. I was on Cloud 9 for the rest of the evening, and Chris and I have been inseparable since that night (and I’ve gladly changed his name in my phone to his real last name).

This Could Be It.

Chris and I have talked about our future, what we want in life, what we believe in, marriage, how we want to raise a family, etc… and we feel very similarly on everything. Marrying each other was never a doubt in our minds; the only question was: When? Fast-forward a bit, to the weekend of our 2-year anniversary: Chris and I had just spent the afternoon visiting my parents, here in St. Paul, Minnesota, and we were about to head home for the evening, when he suggested that we have Date Night. I was so excited for date night, because as some couples know, it's way too easy to get busy with work, friends, family, and life, in general, and we sometimes neglect to take nights for ourselves, to just bask in each other’s company. So, naturally, when Chris was the one to suggest a spur-of-the-moment Date Night, I was thrilled. We got home, made dinner, and decided that date night would consist of cocktails and dessert on - you guessed it: Grand Avenue! When we arrived at Axel's Bonfire, we ordered up a melt-in-your-mouth skillet cookie with ice cream and fudge (highly recommend it to any cookie lovers out there!), as well as cocktail for both of us.  Once we finished our scrumptious treat, I figured it was time to go home, but instead, Chris said that we should "take advantage of Friday night, and walk down to Salut Bar Americain, for another cocktail". -- "This is great!,"  I thought. He actually wanted to draw out date night - what girl wouldn’t be thrilled?! As we made our way down the busy streets, Chris stopped in his tracks and said “Yep, this is it.” Confused, I replied, “What is ‘it’?”. Before I had a chance to repeat the question, he twirled me, swept me off my feet, and kissed me, just like he had done on our very first date. He put me down, and got down on one knee. I was taken aback and gasped, the waterworks already flowing.  He professed his love, saying he wanted a future together, and that I would make him the happiest man, by being his wife. As I said "YES!" without any hesitation whatsoever, he slipped the ring on my finger. We never made it to Salut for cocktails, but I was too excited and in-shock to care. After calming down a bit, I woke my parents up with a late-night phone call - I just couldn’t hold back, I wanted to share our good news right away! (Who wouldn't want to share such exciting news?) As soon as I stopped hyperventilating and regained my ability to walk without shaking like a leaf, we got home and called his parents and all of our loved ones. And that's how it happened! Now, here we are, in the beginning stages of planning our May 2012 event, and I cannot wait!  So, for you gals, not-yet-engaged, the next time you are out anywhere, it doesn't matter where, just keep in mind: those five minutes with a stranger could turn into a lifetime of happiness.


Congratulations to Angi and her new fiancé, Chris! We're so excited for the two of you!

Keep reading My Wedding Chat to follow Angi K., as she continues her wedding planning journey: finding her wedding dress, deciding on wedding venues, and finalizing all those other  important wedding details.

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