Romantic Marriage Proposals and Engagement Photo Poses {New Featured Bride, Alaura K.}

Featured Bride, Alaura K.

Wedding Location: University of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel | Wedding Date: September 8, 2012

We here, on My Wedding Chat, are so excited to welcome our newest Wedding Shoppe, Inc. Featured Bride, Alaura K., and her fiancé, Peter! Alaura will be sharing her wedding planning journey with us, starting with the romantic story of how Peter popped the question (we absolutely love romantic proposals!). For her first post, Alaura has also been kind enough to share a few of her and Peter's engagement portraits. Alaura and Peter struck their fabulous engagement photography poses in front of a waterfall - how gorgeous is that?! After seeing Alaura and Peter's lovely outdoor engagement portraits, you may find yourself with a few new engagement photo ideas of your own!

Engagement Portraits from Alaura K. and her fiancé, Peter Outdoor Engagement Photo PosesPhotography by Studio Jada

Real-Life Marriage Proposals and Engagement Portraits: Alaura + Peter

Peter and Alaura met at the University of St. Thomas - not far from Wedding Shoppe, Inc., in St. Paul, MN - where they both attended college, and were college sweethearts. Peter asked for Alaura’s hand in marriage on Thursday, April 21, 2011, after dating for four years. They were both kind enough to add their story to the My Wedding Chat collection of real-life romantic proposals, and when asked about how he popped the question, both Peter and Alaura have slightly different stories…

Peter and Alaura's versions of the proposal.

Told from either party, this is one of our new favorite marriage proposals, ever (but we always get swept up by tales of romantic marriage proposals!). Here, we take a look at each of their versions of the story:

Outdoor Engagement Photo PosesPhotography by Studio Jada

The marriage proposal, from Peter's perspective:

Alaura has always been the planner of our relationship - down to every second of EVERY trip and every date. So it was quite difficult to surprise her. In order to pull off the biggest surprise of our relationship, I needed help to keep it all together. How was I going to keep a secret from the one I literally tell everything to?! I knew I had to enlist help, so I asked the maid of honor, Christa K., for help. A week before I asked Alaura to marry me, I went to Jared with Christa to pick up the engagement ring. Thank God I did, because I was shaking, and she helped me keep my cool. When the big day finally arrived, I told Alaura I’d pick her up from class and treat her to one of our favorite meals, Taco Bell. (Hey, we’re college students!) Now, if you know Alaura, you know that she can get very flustered. So, the entire way to Minnehaha Falls, she was talking about all the goodness she would order, and how frustrating her test had been. She was so flustered, that she even believed it, when I told her that we would have to walk along a path to get to the restaurant. Eventually, when we got to the falls, I walked her down and told her how I never wanted to keep another secret from her. Then, I got down on one knee and asked her to be mine forever. And just to make sure she did not throw my body in the river, I took her to Taco Bell after, like I had promised.

The marriage proposal, from Alaura's perspective:

The week that Peter proposed to me I thought he was acting very strange. For once, he was organizing his week and wanted to know my weekly schedule. He asked a million and one questions. I definitely thought something was up. It all started when Peter started saying, "I'm going to marry you," about a week before he proposed to me. I thought it was sweet and started to wonder if this was going to really happen. That week, I told my roommate that something was up. I'd wake up saying, "Do you think today is the day?" We’d joke about it, but it never was. At this point in our relationship, Peter and I were very busy with school, work, internships, clubs, volunteering, and anything else we could get our hands into. Therefore, we hardly even saw each other. Peter asked me to grab coffee with him on Thursday morning, and so I freaked out, thinking that Thursday was the day. Naturally, I went to my sister, Christa, in excitement! She shot me down almost immediately. Little did I know she was in one the whole plan! I told her that I thought today was “the day,” but in return Christa told me, "You have to be kidding is THURSDAY. People don't get engaged on a THURSDAY! Are you insane? You've gone crazy! And you really think that Peter is going to propose to you in the morning? Have you ever heard of someone getting in engaged on a Thursday morning?" At the time, I thought this was a really good point, and decided that I must have just been going crazy. I went to my night class that Thursday thinking only about my test. Let me tell you, that test was HARD! Peter picked me up after my test to bring me to dinner, and all I wanted was Taco Bell and a beer! As he drove, I complained about my test, not noticing how nervous he looked. We arrived at Minnehaha Falls (I had never been there before) and believed that there was a Taco Bell nearby. Peter walked me down to the falls. Then he dropped to his knee and confessed that he could never ever keep a secret from his best friend ever again. The secret was the engagement ring. I barely remember screaming yes because I was so excited! Afterward, we spent the rest of the day in utter bliss!

Outdoor Engagement Photo PosesPhotography by Studio Jada


We LOVE how Peter turned something as casual as Taco Bell (which, we agree, is muy delicioso!) into such a romantic story!


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Alaura Kramer
May 16, 2019 06:56

Thank you for posting our story! I absolutely love The Wedding Shoppe. You guys are so great!!

Wedding Shoppe Inc. Blogger: Debra K.
May 16, 2019 06:56

Thank you for your kind words, Alaura; we love you, too! And thank you for sharing your engagement portraits and story with us, we can’t wait to hear more of your wedding planning journey!

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