Choosing a Long-Distance Wedding Reception Venue {Featured Bride: Amanda S.}

Selecting the wedding reception venue was definitely one of the first things on our to-do list.  I figured that after the venue was selected, we could pick a date and all the other pieces would start to fall into place. Since Zac and I live in Northern Virginia and are getting married in Connecticut, there were extra things to consider that a couple planning to get married where they live may not think about. Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Planning Tips #1: Visit a range of venue options.

First and foremost among wedding planning tips for choosing a venue is to look at as many different options as possible. We visited eight different places before narrowing down our options and making our decision.  We visited the following in our search for the perfect wedding reception venue:
  • Rustic barn
  • Historic mansion
  • Boathouse on the river
  • Country club
  • Banquet hall on the river
  • Banquet hall attached to a restaurant
  • Banquet hall in a park
  • Downtown ballroom
After much deliberation, Zac and I selected the country club for our reception. We settled on a date in the beginning of June.

Wedding Planning Tips #2: Look for all-inclusive wedding packages.

One of the biggest things that factored into our decision to select the country club was the ability to create a package for everything that we will need.  All-inclusive wedding packages save you from having to coordinate with many different vendors. Instead, all of the food and drinks are purchased through the country club.  Our package includes appetizers and a cocktail hour.  We are able to select options to offer for dinner and will have an open bar for the entire reception.  The country club works with two of the most popular bakeries in Hartford, and we will be able to select one for our cake. All-inclusive wedding packages should also include the ability to customize the space with colored linens or chair ribbons.  The country club provided this option, as well as a few bases for centerpieces.  There are mirrors, square glass blocks, or shallow glass bowls. If you are planning your own wedding in a different city than where you live, this will be helpful because not only will you not have to purchase these things, but you won’t have to transport them either! Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Planning Tips #3: Choose a wedding reception venue you love the look of.

The country club was the right choice for us for aesthetic reasons as well.  There is a giant picture window that overlooks the grounds of the golf course and is the focal point of the room.  In the beginning of June, everything will be lush and green and just look beautiful! Make sure you choose a wedding reception venue that you will still love when you look back at pictures.

How did you choose your wedding reception venue? Tell us your story below!

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May 16, 2019 07:30

“How did you choose your wedding reception venue?” Read our featured bride’s advice on our #weddingchat blog!

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