Location, Location, Location! Picking a Wedding Venue.

"Location, Location, Location..."

What is the ONE detail that trumps all others when it comes to weddings? No, it's not the dress... No, it's not the photographer (although wouldn't I love that *wink*)... it's the VENUE! The location. The ambiance it delivers and the space it allows for people to enjoy themselves. What is the one thing that people will surely remember 20 years from now about your wedding? The location. So... where to begin.

Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do I want to be married in a place of worship?
  • Do I want to be married outdoors?
  • Do I want to have a small wedding? (100 people or less)
  • Do I want to have a large wedding? (200+)
Now that you have the answer to those questions, which honestly may take a while once you sort out your "A", "B" and "C" lists of guests (A = must haves, B = want to have at the wedding, C = only if there is room/mullah left!), you will need to start your search. Our newest addition to the LCPhotography, LLC company is LCP2.  LCP2 specializes in Wedding planning and coordination and helps relieve the stresses with planning obstacles that all brides and grooms face including, Venue research.

Do your research.

You don't want to get suckered in to a place that looks fabulous on a website only to realize soon before the wedding that although it says it will "seat 250", it really only will seat 250 if everyone is linked at the arm and guests are stacked three high. There are many vendors in the Twin Cities area that know a thing or two about locations and really how comfortably and elegantly the space will work with the amount of guests you have. Ask your Coordinator, Photographer, Florist for their opinions! Often times they're right and can really steer you in the right direction. The next point I'd like to address is...

Time of day. 

Are you having an evening wedding? A morning wedding? Afternoon? The lighting inside an establishment will vary drastically depending upon the time of day so be sure to visit the venue at that time to get the full effect. Not enough lighting at night at the venue? You may need to budget in some decorative lanterns... lights... or rental lighting fixtures to get the effect you're looking for. Another hidden cost that is always added to a Wedding total. Be sure to check with the venue, however, what is available and permitted before purchasing or booking your additional lighting fixtures. Spiritual venues often times have limited leeway. Finally and importantly:

Where will you be taking your photos before and after the ceremony?

You will want to correspond with your wedding Photographer in advance regarding where you want to shoot and any suggestions that they may have. If you are having an afternoon wedding when the sun is at it's highest peak... dreaded shadows occur, so you'll want to find a location nearby with lots of shaded areas to create a fabulous look with even lighting. The amateur wedding photographer will take photos in the brightest sun then go back to realize how much editing must be done to correct the simplest shooting rule. Well, that's enough out of me for one day ~ Happy Wedding Wednesday! Enjoy your planning! Cheers! LC

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