Go Green with a Green Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress from Liz Fields

Since we finished our Winter Wedding Wednesday series this week, it’s only natural that we’d start looking forward to spring. What better color to choose for your spring nuptials than green? Green chiffon bridesmaid dresses would be fantastic that time of year. Check out some of our favorite styles (like our current fave, Liz Fields one shoulder gowns) and colors (hello, emerald green bridesmaid dresses!).

Green chiffon bridesmaid dress styles from Liz Fields

Spring weddings and green chiffon bridesmaid dresses go hand-in-hand.

It’s super easy for me to write about emerald green bridesmaid dresses because green is my favorite color. And, lucky for your bridesmaids, a medium or deep shade of green is really flattering on most skin tones and hair colors. I picked a couple of my favorite Liz Fields one shoulder styles, all pictured in Emerald. Take a look! See all of our fabulous looks for spring!>>

Green chiffon bridesmaid dress styles from Liz Fields.

 Green chiffon bridesmaid dress styles from Liz Fields  Green chiffon bridesmaid dress styles from Liz Fields
There are some great Liz Fields one shoulder options in both long and short lengths. Chiffon is a fabulous fabric for the spring because it’s flattering and incredibly versatile, and can be dressed up or down. A longer length would also be perfect if your wedding is in early spring, just in case of chilly weather.

I love emerald green bridesmaid dresses…but what other colors should I choose?

I think a lot of brides are a little afraid of this shade of green, and I don’t blame them—it can seem a little intimidating. You might be wondering, “What other colors go with green?” Lots! The trick to working with this shade of green is balance. Since it’s such a vibrant shade, you’ll want to let it shine on its own. Choose complementary colors that don’t compete with it. I like a color scheme that incorporates purple along with green, because they are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Since Amethyst is also a really vibrant color, you’ll want to use it carefully, in small doses, with the green.

Green chiffon bridesmaid dresses and colors

Are you convinced? Will you be choosing green chiffon bridesmaid dresses?

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