Create a Rustic-Chic Wedding Party with Country Bridesmaid Dresses

When I think of my favorite barn weddings, I always think of brides in cowboy boots, wildflowers, homemade quilts, hay bales, and canning jars filled with romantic tea lights. These rustic affairs often feature some very sweet country style bridesmaid dresses, and the best ones manage to mesh small-town charm with big-city style. With countless options for country inspired bridesmaid dresses, it’s no wonder the search can be overwhelming; finding that magical balance between quaint and campy can be tricky. That’s where Liz Fields dresses come in! With a fantastic variety of styles, these little frocks are tremendously versatile.

Country style bridesmaid dresses from Liz Fields

Kick up your cowboy boots in country inspired bridesmaid dresses from Liz Fields.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing country inspired bridesmaid dresses. First of all, to keep your girls from looking too costumey, you’ll want to choose styles that are flattering and modern, with rustic or organic elements. Think soft ruffles, feminine deconstruction, and subtle draping; chiffon or another flowy fabric would be ideal. Check out all of our amazing bridesmaid styles!>>

Short country style bridesmaid dresses:

Country style bridesmaid dresses from Liz Fields

Of course, your girls will be able to show off their cowboy boots much better in short country bridesmaid dresses. We love the sweet ruffle detail at the neckline of Liz Fields bridesmaid dress 430 and Liz Fields bridesmaid dress 240.

Long country style bridesmaid dresses:

Country style bridesmaid dresses from Liz Fields

There are so many great things about style 360 I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, the detail at the waist is unique and unexpected. Secondly, I love that this dress can come in a solid color or two-tone, maximizing your color options. Lastly, the draping on the skirt’s overlay is casual chic—perfect for your barn wedding. Here are a couple of other super cute Liz Fields dresses: Are you having a barn wedding, complete with country bridesmaid dresses? Make sure you pass along your ideas; we’d love to share them with the rest of our readers! Drop us a line in the comments or email your photos to

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