Lake Bemidji Weddings: Mike & Lisa

With the setting sun peaking through the light clouds, Mike and Lisa exchanged vows on the shore of Lake Bemidji just a couple miles away from where they met in 2007.  Here’s their lakeshore wedding story. Keep reading for lake wedding ideas, lake wedding inspiration, & lake wedding pictures.

A Lakeside wedding.

Mike was born and raised in small town North Dakota.  His childhood consisted of motocross and winters filled with hockey and snowmobiles.  Staying close to home and the cold winters, Mike went to college at the University of North Dakota but enjoyed his warm summers on Lake Bemidji.  Lisa, a vegetarian and avid runner, grew up in Bemidji, MN at her gorgeous lakeside home.  Upon high school graduation, she took off to Minneapolis for the University of Minnesota. It wasn’t until after Mike’s parents built a brand new cabin next door to Lisa’s home that they met.  Mike was introduced to Lisa by mutual friends and they hit it off right away, especially when they found out their parents were neighbors.  Lisa was the most beautiful and charming “girl next door” that Mike could have ever asked for. Before you knew it, Mike was running mararthons with Lisa, and Lisa was attending Motocross races with Mike.  The two bring out sides of each other they had never seen before and their love grew at a steady pace. Three years later: Mike and Lisa’s parents hosted a beautiful lakeside wedding at their lake homes.  White chairs lined the freshly cut grass in the front yard of Mike’s parents' lake home.  With the sun setting behind the guests, Lisa and Mike exchanged their vows with the calm Lake Bemidji behind them.  Their lake beach wedding ceremony was beautiful, just like the couple’s love for one another.

A ceremony by the shore.

Following the lake side wedding ceremony, guests followed a path along the lake to Lisa’s parents lake home, only one cabin away.  Meanwhile, Mike and Lisa went for a romantic tugboat ride on the lake and waved to their guests on shore.  What a perfect way to exit their lakeside wedding ceremony. Mike and Lisa had such great lake wedding ideas.  The way they incorporated Lake Bemidji in the background of their lakeside wedding ceremony and lakeside wedding reception was beautiful.  The romantic tugboat ride remains another one of their best lake wedding ideas. The Lake Bemidji wedding reception of Mike and Lisa was stunning.  Her parents' front yard was elegantly decorated with a big white tent, tall candles filled with colorful flowers, and long tables featuring delicious foods and deserts.  The lakeside wedding reception went off without any glitches.  Under a wonderful night sky, Mike and Lisa celebrated their marriage with their closest family and friends. Congratulations on your new life together, Mike & Lisa! Stay tuned for more cool wedding ideas this week! I'll let you know how they incorporated art, s'mores, candid photographs, and much more on their big day! ~Laura Lou

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May 16, 2019 06:41

Stunning photos – looks like a celebrity wedding! And to think it happened at a cabin up north. Beautiful.

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