A Little Smaller: Junior Bridesmaid Dresses by Dessy

We talk about bridal party dress styles quite frequently here on My Wedding Chat, but we rarely talk about the smaller ‘maids in your wedding party: the junior bridesmaids. There are very few dresses that will fit your adult attendant AND your pre-teen friend. That’s where a Dessy bridesmaid dress can save the day. They offer stunning junior bridesmaid dresses, perfect to flatter those special girls who are part of your party.

What makes a junior bridesmaid dress different than typical bridal party dress styles?

There is a reason there is a “misses” and “girls” section at most major retailers: girls in their tween years and girls in their 20s just aren’t built the same. It’s foolish to think that a thirteen year old girl would be able to wear half the misses’ styles we carry here at the Shoppe. That’s why we are thankful for junior sizes. In terms of cut, they are shorter-waisted, have less room in the bust, less definition at the waist, and are generally shorter than their adult size counterpart.

Will my junior ‘maid match the rest of my bridal party dress styles?

Don’t worry, your junior ‘maid will match the rest of your party perfectly if you choose a Dessy bridesmaid dress. The Dessy collection features a wide variety of dress styles and price points. They also feature one of the largest color palettes on the market. Whether you choose a chiffon, satin, or peau de soie style, you’ll be able to find a great junior dress to match.
Junior Bridesmaid Dress style by Dessy Unique bridesmaid dress styles for younger 'maids

Dessy bridesmaid dress styles are a crowd pleaser.

Not only do we sell dresses here at the Shoppe, but we also happen to be in a lot of weddings, which means there is a pretty large collection of bridal party dress styles accounted for in our staff. When digging through our closets and remembering our favorite gowns, Dessy bridesmaid dress styles quickly win out as favorites. They are expertly built, come in great colors, and come in the latest and trendiest styles. Start your search for bridal party attire and junior bridesmaid dresses today!

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