JK Wedding Entrance Dance: Spice up your Wedding Ceremony!

In 2009, Wedding Shoppe Inc. customers Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz started a phenomenon with their creative wedding idea to dance down the aisle.

Spice up your wedding ceremony: the JK Wedding Entrance Dance!

The spunky couple and their entertaining wedding party choreographed a wedding entrance dance for their ceremony.  Their guests were surprised when hip-hop artist Chris Brown’s hit song “Forever” started the ceremony in place of the traditional ceremony music.  But traditional is far from what Kevin and Jill Heinz had in mind for their wedding ceremony.

The dance.

Each member of their wedding party danced their way to the altar and gave emphasis to the groom, Kevin Heinz, who literally made his appearance down the aisle by breaking out of the wedding party with a tumble down the aisle.  He then led the groove to the altar, where anticipation built up for the appearance of bride, Jill Peterson.

Outfitted by the Wedding Shoppe!

The JK wedding groomsmen sported light colored suits without the jackets, and sunglasses for a cool look as they grooved down the aisle.  The bridesmaids strutted down the aisle in beautiful designer bridesmaid dresses by Jasmine, which were purchased at Wedding Shoppe, Inc. For a fun and summery style, the ladies paired their Jasmine bridesmaid dresses with flashy sunglasses, comfortable dancing shoes, and colorful bouquets of daisies. The bridesmaid dresses the JK wedding entrance dance party wore were Jasmine Bridesmaid Dress style B8082 – which is still available at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.  

Wedding dance goes viral.

The JK wedding entrance dance occurred in St. Paul, MN – the hometown location of Wedding Shoppe, Inc. – but has been viewed by millions of people worldwide.  About a month after the wedding, the bride’s father posted the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video to Youtube to share with family and friends who were unable to attend the ceremony.  Little did he know, the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video would become a Youtube sensation within 48 hours of being posted online with over 3.5 millions views.  Today, the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video has over 52 million views on Youtube and a whole bundle of positive feedback. In 2009, the JK Wedding Entrance dance was the third most popular video on Youtube and also made the Time magazine top 50 list of Greatest YouTube Videos.  Since it was uploaded in June of 2009, the JK Wedding Entrance Dance has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dancing with the Stars, The Office, and United States of Tara. Because of the controversy regarding Chris Brown, the Heinzs established a charity foundation on their website to benefit the Sheila Wellstone Institution, whose efforts are to end domestic violence.  For more information visit their website.  

Make your day personal.

At Wedding Shoppe Inc. we encourage you to make your wedding day personal and memorable.  Maybe you won’t be dancing down the aisle, but we hope that you have a special chance to shine on your wedding day!

My Wedding Chat is dedicated to providing you with news and tips on making your wedding day special!

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Sarah Soho
May 16, 2019 06:36

Who would have ever thought that a wedding dance video would make such a splash? Very good idea. Thanks, Kevin and Jill.

I also love that The Office did this as well on Jim & Pam’s wedding! Jim & Pam’s wedding wouldn’t have been right without a little silliness in it. Makes me wonder what Jill and Kevin think about that?

May 16, 2019 06:36

I recently wrote a blog post highlighting a few other crazy wedding dances along with this one, i think its a great and fun idea for expanding on your wedding music, check it out on our wedding music blog, http://www.your-wedding-songs.com/blog/

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