It's the Memories that Matter: Steve Rouch Photography

The power of memories.

When I was a child, a day seemed to last a week. Now that I am an adult, a week goes by like a day. Every day I live, I am trading the possibilities of the future for a memory of the past.  I had no idea what the power of memories would mean to me when I became a professional photographer at the age of 19. The world was full of potential and the promise of almost living forever lay before me. Now that I have been a photographer for 40 years, I have noticed that the older the client I work with, the more value there is placed on memories. Young folks enjoy memories but they also have not experienced a lot of loss: of people moving away, of children suddenly growing into adults. It is hard to put a price tag on memories. They are, after all, the one thing we have left at the end of our lives. Perhaps quality portraits will stir something in us even if our ability to remember starts to leave us. I do know that a photograph has a tendency to remember long after we have forgotten. Most things in this world either wear out, rust out or get thrown away. Portraits and wedding images never do.

The garage sale theory.

Life can be broken down into the theory of the garage sale; usually you have ten of them in your life. We all slave to buy things we need, and we spend most of our time in pursuit of those things. Then one day, those things end up in a garage sale. We sell them for a penny on the dollar. Now we have very little money and no longer have the thing we slaved for. At the end of ten garage sales we are at the end of our lives. What do we have to show for ourselves? If we invested in professional photography we have treasures beyond belief. If we don't, we are lost. We have a pile of snapshots that do not capture the essence of those we loved and moments that we cherished. Hiring budding photographers who are neighbors or friends rarely yields what we desire for. Truly professional photography is total magic!

Why choose a professional?

It is so tempting to have a friend save us “ a few bucks” for wedding or portrait needs. A true professional can far exceed anything done by friends and family, and they can also show you how you can get exactly what you want within your budget.  Why settle for anything but the best when it comes to the one thing that will last not only for your lifetime but for generations to come?  I have a portrait in my studio of 118-year-old woman, her 95-year-old daughter, her 73 year-old-grandson, her 49-year-old great-granddaughter, her 27-year-old great-great-granddaughter, and her 3-year-old great-great-great grandson. Give your future self the gift of the precious memory of now and give future generations of your loved ones an heirloom that has no rival in its value!


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