Introducing New Featured Bride, Anne M: "I'm Marrying My Best Friend"

Featured Bride, Anne M.

Wedding Location: Minneapolis, MN | Wedding Date: TBD, Summer 2012

Our Newest Featured Bride: Anne M.!

Anne and her fiance, Kevin, have one of the best fairytales... they're both marrying their best friend. Read all about how Anne and Kevin were finally reunited after knowing each other for years.  Continue to follow Anne and Kevin here on My Wedding Chat as their journey of wedding planning has just begun.  Keep in mind...they live in Oregon while planning a MINNESOTA WEDDING!  Good Luck to Anne and Kevin on one of their biggest journeys in life.

I’m Marrying My Best Friend!

We always joke with friends that “this” was bound to happen, inevitable maybe. We went from strangers, to acquaintances, to best friends, back to acquaintances and finally, to a couple, over the course of the last few years. We grew up very close to each other, attending rival high schools and both playing on our school’s varsity golf teams. Our paths crossed multiple times all throughout the years; I even have pictures of me with my teammates and Kevin and his teammates happen to be in the background! One day after a summer golf tournament, he approached me and started making small talk. We found out we were going to be attending the same college in the fall, and were even going to be just floors apart in the dorms! We exchanged numbers; after all, my roommate and I would probably need some strong boys to help us move stuff in! We were inseparable for the next year and Kevin became one of my best friends; football games, cafeteria food, the whole freshman year experience was spent together. Spring rolled around, and for different reasons, we both transferred. I transferred to the University of Minnesota to play golf, and Kevin transferred to St. Thomas to pursue his degree in Mechanical Engineering. While we still saw each other at the golf course near our parent’s homes in the summer, hanging out here and there and running into each other out and about occasionally, we lost touch for a while. Thank goodness for technology, because over a Facebook message or two, we decided to meet up for dinner one night. Honestly, the rest is history. We have been together ever since.

The time was right.

Timing is a beautiful thing. Had we dated when we were younger, things probably wouldn’t have worked out. We each had time to enjoy college and grow up, and when we reconnected, it was right. Our connection was still there; we could talk to each other about anything so easily and I just knew. Overnight, my best friend was back, and he has stayed ever since! We had dated for about a year when I was offered a job with Nike in Portland, Oregon! It was a real test of our relationship, as I was living out west, and Kev stayed in Minnesota. I was ecstatic when he decided to move to Portland to finish school and be near me! We have learned so much about our relationship being out here on our own, there is something to be said for only having each other to count on. It has been such a learning experience, and has really strengthened our friendship. We have had our ups and downs in this adventure, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! It has taken me a while to realize it, as I used to get homesick quite a bit, but Kevin is my home, and it doesn’t matter where we live, as long as we are together! The proposal story will have to wait until the next blog, and we are beginning the planning, so I really need to get up to speed!

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