Introducing Featured Bride Kai K.

Featured Bride Kai K., Wedding Location: St. Paul, MN | Wedding Date: To Be Determined When hearing that I’m engaged, the most common response is always-“Wow! How old are you?”

Introducing featured bride Kai K.!

Many would say- what kind of a question is that? But at this point in the planning process, I’m certainly used to it! As a college senior who is graduating early, also having a wedding in the works can seem premature to people. So let’s just get one thing straight- I don’t procrastinate!

About us.

I met my fiancé at college at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato when he was in his 7th year of college (not all in Mankato) and I was entering my first. Barely months in, we were inseparable and the goal ever since then is to get on to the next step!

Our engagement.

Engagement was/is certainly part one of the marriage process. We wanted to give ourselves over a year of preparation since I knew graduation would be my first priority.  It was still hard to wait so we got engaged Fall 2009 knowing full well that a ceremony wouldn’t take place for long time. After that, it was overwhelming asking ourselves where to start? Many wedding columns and articles will encourage you to evaluate you and your partners personal style but I would advise otherwise-set your wedding budget! Your wedding budget will help you determine how much you can spend on what and from then on you know what you can include for choices.

Choosing a venue.

For me, the wedding venue came first and foremost. I wanted a setting that would wow the guests but also would set an elegant tone. Once I had my budget in hand I was ready to explore. Surprisingly, a local feat of architecture fell into our wedding budget and I set my eyes immediately on the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. It was intimidating at first since I knew how popular the site was and how lucky we would be to get the date we wanted. Yet, the price was just right and it really had the elegance and wow factor we were looking for! If you have never had the chance to go to the Landmark Center, take a detour the next time you head to Saint Paul. It’s open to the public and you could easily lose yourself for hours checking out the breathtaking architecture and the rich history the building has to offer. If you are considering it as a venue my advice is to book early! I lost the date I wanted by waiting less than a month to book. Even if you don’t yet have a wedding date, I would rush on over to check it out! It could determine yours as it did mine!

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Sarah Soho
May 16, 2019 06:45

Super cute!!! Thanks, Kai for sharing. We can’t wait to read more.

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