How to Work with Wedding Vendors {Featured Bride, Dani L.}

I am a firm believer that experienced, well qualified, professional wedding vendors make or break your big day. Who wants fuzzy pictures, mushy chicken, or a DJ who looks like Wolfman Jack and acts like Pauly D? I got nothing against Wolfman Jack as he was pretty great, but him combined with Pauly D might not be the best choice for a wedding...

How to Work with Wedding Vendors

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Making a list of trusted wedding vendors.

Anyway, my point is to pick your vendors and pick them early. In my opinion, the three best ways to find vendors are through recommendations of professionals you trust, the Wedding Shoppe’s wedding directory, and by thoroughly reading Wedding Wire’s reviews. After you find some that might work for you within your wedding budget, make a wedding vendor list and start asking questions: * Do you have experience working in my venue or venues like it? * What are the three words that best describe your approach to your work? * Do you have references that you can share? * How do you measure success in your profession? * What advice do you have for me when choosing a vendor in your field of work? * Why should I book you over your competition? It sounds like a job interview because it is. You are hiring your bridal vendors to perform a service for you. While you need to be respectful of their work and their answers, you have the right to ask these questions. Once you hear your answers, it will become very clear which professionals are the right choice for your event. Just make sure to read contracts in detail and ask any additional, specific questions before finalizing agreements.

Working with your bridal vendors.

Once you’ve made your wedding vendor list, it is very important to be 100% on the same page as them. Here is the approach I have taken with my bridal vendors, and I feel like it’s going well so far: * Confirm all appointments. From what I can see, they appreciate brides who are organized, proactively communicate, and are on time! * Send hand-written thank you cards. It’s a classy, thoughtful thing to do. * Ensure they understand exactly what you’re looking for on your big day. How do you want the day to flow? What pictures are an absolute necessity on your shot list? What songs should and shouldn’t be played? * Respect and value the creativity of each and every professional on your wedding vendor list. Let your DJ suggest different lighting settings than what you thought about. Leave your photographer’s images as is, and offer to pay if you request an image edited differently than originally provided. Most importantly, ask for their opinions—after all, they’ve probably been to more weddings than you!

Now it's your turn!

Wedding vendors are a wealth of knowledge, and they want to do everything they can to make sure that you have a fantastic wedding. I cannot wait to work with mine on my big day! * Photography – Kate Bentley Photography * DJ – Beckfield Entertainment * Venue – Munson Bridge Winery * Catering – B.S. Catering Check out the Wedding Shoppe’s wedding directory and find bridal vendors for your big day! Plan on – Dani

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