How to Plan a ‘Green’ Wedding

How to Plan a 'Green' Wedding

Being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is not only a recurring trend lately but has become a way of life for many people.  Incorporating a green lifestyle into your wedding can pose some challenges but nothing that a little creativity won’t solve. My Wedding Chat has come up with a few ways that will help you turn your fabulous affair into a sustainable one, too!

Picking a venue.

One of the first tasks you have while planning your wedding is picking your wedding venue.  This can also be one of the first ways you can ‘go green’ with your wedding.  Getting married outdoors not only provides beautiful scenery but also means you will take advantage of the natural lighting, cutting back on your electricity usage.  An outdoor wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of your modern comforts, either.   Choose a site such as a botanical garden or farm where you can still have running water and such but you will be helping the earth at the same time.  If an outdoor ceremony and reception doesn’t work for you, there are still many ways you can be eco-friendly indoors, as well.  Having your ceremony and reception in one place reduces everyone’s carbon footprint by using less fuel emissions.  Also, look for sites that recycle, use energy-efficient appliances and biodegradable products.

Saving trees: invitations.

Your invitations set the tone for your wedding so it would be only natural to choose eco-friendly stationery options for your ‘green’ wedding.  You can save millions of trees by doing without the multi-enveloped, multi-insert wedding invitations along with sticking to tree-less paper options, such as cotton, bamboo, or recycled paper.  Check out eco-friendly options through Wedding Shoppe Inc. and Some of the invites are even plantable so guests can plant them in their backyards and enjoy beautiful flowers long after your event is over.  No matter what type of invitations you use, print your invites using soy-based, non-toxic inks so that both the printing process and the finished product are both less harmful on the environment.

Food, food, food: Local and seasonal.

Organic and local cuisine is the perfect eco-friendly wedding menu.  Looking for a caterer who offers locally grown food means your meal will be fresher and you'll be supporting a local business.  The distance your food will travel from the farm to your event is also less, meaning less fuel is used to transport it.  Another go-green tip when choosing your wedding menu is to pick in-season produce.  Out-of-season vegetables and fruits are grown in heated greenhouses and are not considered as natural as in-season produce.

Flower power.

Choosing in-season blooms for your wedding is another eco-friendly option.  Skip exotic, out-of-season flowers and find out what’s offered at nearby farms and growers.  By doing so you will cut down on fuel emissions because the distance traveled is less and the local businesses will appreciate your support.  Using organic flowers is also a better choice for the environment because they are not drenched in harmful pesticides or other chemicals.  Cut back on the number of flowers you have at your wedding altogether by re-purposing the blooms used at your ceremony and transferring them to your reception site.  Substituting candles for flowers can be another way to reduce the amount of flowers used in your décor.

Green gifts.

Last but certainly not least, give eco-conscious favors to your guests.  Edible favors are the perfect example of an environmentally friendly gift that won’t end up in the trash like many other favors do.  By packaging the favors in biodegradable wrappers you can cut back on waste, as well.  Offering guests potted plants or wildflower seeds is another option for favors that are sustainable for the environment and an option that guests will have long after your big day.  Or if you want to skip the idea of favors altogether, inform guests that you have donated to a charity instead.  That is the only gift that really does keep on giving. This is only a small sampling of the many ways to make your wedding more ‘green.’  Whether you decide to incorporate just a few earth-friendly elements or to make your whole wedding as sustainable as possible, remember that even the little things you do for the environment can make a huge impact.  Green weddings are beautiful weddings.

Keep checking back to My Wedding Chat for more earth-friendly wedding planning advice.

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