How to Find a Wedding Dress {Featured Bride, Kendra M.}

Wedding Location: Gale Woods Farm, Minnetrista, MN | Wedding Date: August 2013

We have a new Featured Bride to introduce to My Wedding Chat! She's our second bride named Kendra this wedding season! Kendra M. is set to marry her dream fella in August 2013. Today she’s going to share how she found THE dress here at the Shoppe.

I just want to start this out by saying I am a pretty easy going person, not a picky person.  Knowing that, I thought that bridal gown shopping, and finding the perfect wedding dress would be a breeze! Boy - was I wrong!

The real story of how to find a wedding dressFeatured Bride Kendra M. and her hubby-to-be.

How to find a wedding dress – at least the way I did it.

I had looked online at a few bridal stores and had spent a lot of time on Pinterest getting some ideas about what I wanted in a dress.  After looking at pictures of many different dresses, I finally came up with a list of requirements that I wanted to find in a dress.  First, I wanted the dress to be “unique”; something different to set it apart from the typical bridal gown.  I also wanted the dress to be lace or have lace on it, with straps of some sort (I don’t especially like the way strapless gowns look on my body). I also wanted a dramatic back since the front of the dress would have some sort of sleeve or coverage.  And lastly, I wanted to stay within my budget, which was set at $1,000.

Bridal gown shopping takes time… sometimes.

After making my list of requirements and finding a few pictures of dresses that I really liked, I went shopping! I brought my mom, Wendy, with me for all of my shopping trips.  It was helpful to have someone along, and I enjoyed not having too many people around to share their opinions.  After shopping at four other bridal stores, I finally decided to go to the Wedding Shoppe to try my luck.  Even with all of my requirements, I found that there were so many options to choose from! The most difficult challenge I faced wasn’t how to find a wedding dress, it was finding a good quality lace dress with all of my other requirements under $1,000.
Intricate lace dress Casablanca 2004 finding the perfect wedding dress

Figuring out how to find a wedding dress is tough. We are here to help!

I had wonderful help from Jessica at the Wedding Shoppe, and because of her, I was finally able to find “the” dress!  I ended up ordering Casablanca 2004 because it met all of my dress requirements perfectly.  I am so happy with my experience at the Shoppe, and will happily recommend it to anyone bridal gown shopping.  Now all I need to do is wait for my dress to arrive sometime this spring.  Wedding dress = FOUND!  One more thing to check off my list!

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