Do-it-Yourself Weddings: How-to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet

If someone asked me what my favorite wedding trend is, I would exclaim (with enthusiasm), “DIY WEDDINGS!” Seriously! I’m all about crafting and handmade things. I love the subtle details, personality, and sweetness that are shown through things like a DIY wedding bouquet. I love that you can choose flowers to go with red bridesmaid dresses, orange tuxes, or salmon flip flops. You are in control when you DIY.

How to Build your own Wedding BouquetDIY bouquets: Flowers to go with red bridesmaid dresses.

Red dresses for bridesmaids are a huge trend for fall and winter weddings. We love it! It is one of the hardest colors to find flowers to match, though. We like to keep things simple here at the Shoppe, so we recommend white flowers. For my easy DIY wedding bouquet, I’ve chosen white and yellow daisies. When choosing flowers to go with red bridesmaid dresses, remember that the dress color is already really vibrant. Try to choose flowers that complement your color choice instead of distracting from it.

How to make a wedding bouquet: Seven easy steps.

Now that you’ve chosen flowers let’s learn how to make a wedding bouquet (my favorite part!). I’ve broken it down into seven easy steps, complete with pictures to help you out.
How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 1 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 2 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 3
1. DIY wedding bouquet supplies: flowers, ribbon, floral tape, scissors, floral wire, and fun accessories like brooches or fabric flowers. Plus you’ll want some “filler” like long grass strands or baby’s breath. 2. Prep your flowers: remove excess leaves and short branches. Try to make all of your flowers for your easy DIY wedding bouquets about the same length.
How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 4 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 5 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 6
3. Build a base: Take a look at all your pieces. Decide what the direct center of your bouquet is going to look like and hold it together. Move things around to even them out and make them sturdy. Then use the floral tape and wrap the stems until it is firm. This determines how the rest of your bouquet will look. 4. Continue to add to your base: Add flowers to fill out the rest of your bouquet. This is where you can add some fun elements such as brooches, fabric flowers, or ribbons. Once you have the balance and shape you desire, grab that floral tape again and wrap, wrap, wrap. Don’t worry about it looking perfect, you’ll be covering it with some snazzy ribbon. 5. Wrap your stems. This step is pretty self explanatory and probably the easiest step in easy DIY wedding bouquets. Just wrap the stems to cover all the tape. The length is up to you!
How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 6.1 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- Step 6.3 How to Build your own Wedding Bouquet- DONE!
6. Trim the bottom: Make sure you cut your bottom stems evenly. Your easy DIY wedding bouquets  will need to sit in some water while they wait for your big day. Also, if you have some fancy reeds like mine or maybe some ribbons, take this opportunity to tuck those in or tie them. Feel free to be creative! 7. Well, other than finishing off your wrapped ribbon with a fun brooch or bow, you now have a stunning DIY wedding bouquet! Good Job! You might not be a pro the first time you try your hand at easy DIY wedding bouquets. It’s ok. Have fun with it! Buy some cheap flowers from the grocery store and use them to decorate your home. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? We’d love to see your results of learning how to make a wedding bouquet! Post it to our Facebook or send us an email at

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Kelly Couper
May 16, 2019 07:01

I LOVE THIS! I do not have a flower supplier near me where I could order enough flowers for my bouquets and centerpieces so I am going to order with because they are the most reasonable. I have purple dresses so I am using lavender and yellow flowers! I am so excited, I love DIY! Great post thank you!

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