How the Forever Bride Market Has Changed the Wedding Fair Game

Maybe you've heard of wedding fairs before but aren't really sure whether or not they're worth your time. Wedding fairs are overwhelming, fun, and worth the cost of the ticket. A typical wedding fair hosts at least 60 vendors, and all of those vendors have discounts for you to use just for being at the fair! As a bride, I love a good wedding fair! There are so many different vendors to talk to, and they're all their to answer all of my questions. I am most definitely a Type-A bride, and I totally bring my wedding planner with me and note all of the vendors I want to talk to before the event. But you don't have to be a Type-A bride to love these events. Wedding fairs are set up for leisurely strolls through the venue while you get to pick up freebies and free food samples throughout, especially the Forever Bride Market. If you're a bride to be, I highly recommend that you go to a wedding fair at least once!

The Forever Bride Market is Different Than the Rest

If you're a Minnesotan bride, there's no way that you haven't heard of Forever Bride. Forever Bride is like the Knot but Minnesota-style! They meticulously scope out wedding vendors in Minnesota and analyze each to see if they're fit to be a Forever Bride preferred vendor. Each preferred vendor has high ratings and truly knows their stuff! Forever Bride is the ultimate resource for any Minnesotan bride, so go check out their site if you haven't already! Because Forever Bride is such a great resource for Minnesotan brides, they also host an annual wedding fair. But because Forever Bride is unique, their wedding fair simply must be different than the rest! Forever Bride calls their fair the Forever Bride Market or the Market.

 The Forever Bride Market

How does the Forever Bride Market differ from a typical wedding fair?

What makes the Forever Bride Market different than other wedding fairs is the atmosphere. A typical wedding fair has at least 60 vendors at the show, but most wedding fairs have over 100 vendors.  The Forever Bride Market usually has 60-80 vendors, and all of the vendors are official, preferred vendors that are guaranteed to offer you fantastic experience.

Why is the Forever Bride Market better for brides?

The reason we love the Forever Bride Market so much is simply because of how much more relaxed and upscale this show is. There are only 60-80 vendors featured at the Forever Bride Market, making the bridal fair much more relaxed. The Forever Bride Market revolves around its farmer's-market-style show that allows leisurely walks and conversations with vendors. The Market also features preferred vendors that Forever Bride as well as tons of other Minnesota brides know, love, and trust! The Forever Bride Market is more upscale than other wedding fairs, allowing for a more refined experience. Each vendor displays their best for the brides and always have great, exclusive deals only for those at the Market! Type-A or not, the Forever Bride Market is perfect for any bride!

What kind of vendors does the Forever Bride Market have?

As I said earlier, the Forever Bride Market features 60-80 different vendors at the show. These vendors range from bridal shops (like us) to wedding officiants to wedding decor rental companies! Forever Bride has a large variety of wedding vendors so you can find any vendor that you could possibly need through their website! Forever Bride's community of vendors is tight-knit, and we've all gotten to know each other quite well over the years! Wedding Shoppe has been involved in the Forever Bride community for years upon years, and we've loved getting to know all of the vendors. The Forever Bride Market

What's the best way to prepare for the Forever Bride Market?

Luckily, with this wedding fair, you don't have to worry about being too overwhelmed. The Forever Bride Market is a relaxed wedding fair, so you don't have to come super prepared to avoid being overwhelmed. But if you want to get the most out of this fair, here are our recommendations so you can truly get the most out of the Forever Bride Market!

Tip #1: Bring a physical wedding planner

Bringing a wedding planner will only help you. Fill it out before the event with all of your upcoming appointments involving wedding planning so you don't overbook yourself. Wedding planners were made to make the wedding planning process easier for you, so they have lots of areas for notes and notations about possible vendors that you are interested. You're definitely going to want to make notations about vendors you're interested in at the Forever Bride Market! Once you leave the Market, the likelihood of you remembering all of the vendors you spoke with is low.

Tip #2: Don't bring too much to carry

The Forever Bride Market does supply you with a free tote, or "swag bag," that you can toss all of your business cards, freebies, and the like in. Although they do give you this tote, you definitely don't want to fill it up right away with your heavy coat; you gotta make room for the free stuff! Do yourself a favor and leave the bulky stuff in your car.

standing in line | The Forever Bride market

Tip #3: Look over Forever Bride's preferred vendors list

Chances are if they're on Forever Bride's site as a vendor, they're probably going to be at the Forever Bride Market! Check out these vendors before hand and get down a list of the vendors that you definitely want to see and talk to! Like I said earlier, all of these vendors will be offering exclusive discounts, so don't pass those up!

Tip #4: Eat beforehand

It is easy to get caught up in the Market because there is just so much to do and see! There's no problem with staying for hours, but you definitely don't want to starve your way through the show! Eat lunch beforehand so you'll be energized for the whole show

Tip #5: Bring your maid-of-honor and your mom

You'll definitely want to bring a few people with you to this event. There are lots of opportunities to set up appointments or take advantage of discounts at this show, and you'll want those key people in your life to be there to help you out. Want to set up an appointment at a bridal shop? Coordinating your schedule with your MOH and mom will be so much easier when they're right there with you. Don't forget to utilize that handy wedding planner!

women at the Forever Bride Market

Tip #6: Don't forget your ID!

If you're over 21, the Forever Bride Market offers at least one type of alcoholic drink to enjoy while you're waltzing through the fair. Don't forget to bring your ID so you can enjoy that drink with all the other brides there!

bottles on a shelf | The Forever Bride Market

Tip #7: Dress up

There are so many opportunities for pictures with your ladies at this fair, so definitely wear something nice! You don't have to go all out by any means, but you definitely don't want to be caught in your sweats.

Tip #8: Enter as many giveaways as you can

The giveaways that will be offered at the show are AMAZING, and I would LOVE to win any one of them! Don't miss your chance to win some awesome prizes or discounts that you won't get anywhere else! Forever Bride Tank | The Forever Bride Market

Tip #9: Be prepared to have fun!

This sounds like a super lame tip, but the best way to enjoy yourself at the Market is to be prepared to have fun! There are so many things to do and people to talk to at this fair that it is bound to be a great experience. Make a day out of it with your besties and your close family members!

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