Wedding Makeup and Hair: Be Your Most Beautiful Self

It comes as no surprise that as you prep for your wedding day, you want your wedding makeup and hair to actually look like you, not someone who looks so different that your groom doesn’t recognize you. You could hire a team of beauty experts to swoop in and transform you into a supermodel, but the best way to look like yourself on your wedding day is to learn how to do your hair and makeup for the wedding that reflects your personality and daily look. Even Princess Kate did her own makeup on her wedding day! If she can do it, so can you.

Hair and Make-up for the weddingPhotography by - A. Whitmore Photography

Learn the tricks of the trade to do your hair and make-up for the wedding.

One of the best tools that helped me along the way while planning my wedding makeup and hair was YouTube. I would search for topics like “DIY wedding hair ideas” or “DIY updos” to find things that would be easy to recreate, and flatter my natural features. Once you choose a style you want to recreate, make sure you have all of the tools and colors in your makeup bag, and PRACTICE your look! Also, don’t forget to buy a different color foundation if you’ll be bronzing up before your nuptials.

Wedding makeup and hairPhotography by - A. Whitmore Photography

DIY wedding hair ideas: don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends.

You may want to apply false eyelashes, do natural makeup, or tease your hair up at the crown for added volume. If you come across a beauty trick you don’t feel comfortable with, ask a friend to go over DIY wedding hair ideas and tutorials with you and help out. I know I went to my girlfriends for opinions on my wedding day hair and makeup!

DIY wedding hair ideasPhotography by - A. Whitmore Photography

Hair and make-up for the wedding: go for a look that makes you feel good!

You will look as wonderful on the outside as you feel on the inside if you stay true to who you are and your classic style. Soft romantic hair and natural makeup that mimics your everyday look will make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. If you get discouraged, just keep thinking about the look on your groom’s face as you walk down that aisle.  

Do you plan on being your own hairstylist and make-up artist on the big day? Any more DIY tips for future brides? Share them in a comment below!

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