For the Boys: A Wedding Planning Guide for Grooms

Since you love your fiancé, we’re guessing you don’t want your wedding to just be about you. After all, if it weren’t for him, you would just be throwing an expensive party for yourself, rather than a celebration of your union. That being said, many brides want to give their groom wedding responsibilities, but they’re not sure how, or what those responsibilities should be. We’re here to help! We’ve put together a little wedding planning guide for grooms to help you (and him) dish out tasks evenly and craft a day that’s entirely about the two of you.

How to involve the groom in wedding planningPhoto courtesy of Wedding Shoppe Blogger: Jen S.

How to involve the groom in wedding planning:

It wouldn’t be fair for us to lump all guys into the same “I don’t care” category. Since weddings have become so personal, guys are getting involved more than ever. Grooms, just like brides, have certain things they care about more than others. Here are three tips on how to involve the groom in wedding planning:

Groom wedding responsibilities: What makes him tick?

Since this is an event that celebrates who you are as a couple, your wedding should be about both of you. Is there anything your guy is really passionate about? Is he a music snob, foodie, car buff, writer, expert traveler? Let him plan the ceremony music or pick out the DJ, select the food, arrange the getaway car, write your vows, or coordinate the honeymoon. He’ll enjoy working on something he can totally geek out over, and you’ll be happy to see his personal stamp on the wedding!

How to involve the groom in wedding planning Featured Bride, Kari M. and her now-husband, Jesse. Photo by Eric Lundgren Photography.

What is he good at?

Play off his strengths. If you know you’re better with details and he’s better with “big picture” type decisions, split your tasks accordingly. This is how it worked for my husband and me; when we got engaged, I was working full time and he happened to have some time off. He spent three or four days driving all over town, talking with vendors, and managed to find us the perfect venue and caterer. These are only two elements of planning, but are really important ones! I was so thankful for his help, and it freed me up to worry about details, which are much more my thing.

Utilize resources.

There are tons of really great resources out there for grooms. Our Wedding Encyclopedia has just about every wedding term you could think of, so if he looks lost when you mention what his boutonniere will look like or ask him whether or not he wants ribbon on the invitations, you can point him in the right direction. There are also some very groom-centric blogs out there, where he can discuss (commiserate?) with other grooms. Some of our favorites are: Well Groomed, Temple of Groom, and GroomGroove. What are some of the ways you’ve involved your groom?

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May 16, 2019 07:01

Great to see the encouragement for guys to get involved in their wedding. Blogs are great (we have one), but we also have an entire site that gives guys a step by step list to help them through the entire wedding process. Bullet points, images, videos… the way guys like it. We encourage you to check it out too:

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