Paint the Town with Unique Engagement Photo Ideas {Featured Bride Kelsey K.}

It seems to me that most of the engagement photos you see today are all very similar: pretty bride, handsome groom, dressed in their best. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should have some nice pictures together. After all, you’re paying to have your photos taken and everyone wants to look amazing in them. The point I’m trying to make is to think a little outside what you normally see for engagement photo ideas and come up with some really fun engagement photos. Take part of the session to have your nice portraits taken, and then take the second part be a little silly! Take advantage of this time to allow your personalities to come out...even if that means things get a little messy!

Fun engagement photos with Kelsey and JoshPhotography courtesy of Matt Lien Photography.

Calling all goofballs: You’ll love these fun engagement photos from Kelsey and Josh!

My hubby-to-be and I are a little weird at times. So, we decided to show that side of our relationship by finishing our engagement session with a “friendly” paint fight. We can get a little competitive, so as you can see below, paint was flying everywhere....including directly into our mouths. We had such a blast though! To be honest, it was the best part of the whole experience. We didn’t have to worry about posing or looking nice. We could just be us!

Engagement photo ideas and tips: Be yourselves!

Fun engagement photos with Kelsey and JoshPhotography courtesy of Matt Lien Photography.

Your photographer’s job is to capture it all, and we pretty much forgot he was even there. The photographer behind these fun engagement photos was Matt Lien, who did an amazing job. I would highly recommend him! He’s pretty chill and is up for anything, so when I told him we wanted to do a paint fight for our engagement photos, he was all for it. Having the right photographer can make a huge difference, so choose your photographer carefully!

Unique engagement photo ideas: What do you love?

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to have to take shower after shower getting the paint off and out of my hair just for some fun engagement photos!” (like I did). If that’s the case, think of something a little cleaner, like a water fight. Or if you’re both into sports, play a “friendly” game of one on one for your engagement photos. If your relationship with your fiancé isn’t like that, then find something that describes it—find something you both love. I don’t think you’ll look back and regret it. Everything is always better when you’re having fun!

Fun engagement photos with Kelsey and Josh(Thanks to Matt Lien Photography for all of these awesome images!)

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