Featured Bride Tanya M. - First Things First: Choosing your date and location.

Featured Bride Tanya M., Wedding Location: Hayward, WI | Wedding Date: June 4, 2011

First things first: Choosing your date and location.

Most feel like wedding planning is overwhelming.  For me, I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of the planning.  The most important thing is picking your date and location. Blake and I picked a month we wanted to be married in, and then went from there.  First we wanted to get married in May, but with me being in school that would be very difficult with finals; from there we wanted the last weekend in May…but we all know what that is, Memorial Day weekend.  After all of that, we compromised on the first weekend in June.  June 4th, 2011!

Location.  Location.  Location.

Destination wedding?  Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?  Key West, Florida was our first location choice, with a reception when we arrived back home.  After much thought, we decided to change our wedding location to the family cabin in Hayward, WI.  It just so happened to be where Blake proposed, so it was quite fitting.   When picking a location for your wedding, have it mean something.  Connect with it.  There are tons and tons of locations out there, make sure you shop around for what fits your budget the best.  When picking your location, remember to not only choose a location that fits your budget but to also pick one that you love.  When remembering your wedding in ten years, it all comes down to where you held your wedding.  Location, as opposed to say, wedding favors, is something you will not ever forget.

Engagement pictures.

Hopefully you already have picked out your photographer or are in the search of one.  Blake and I were fortunate enough to have a family member that enjoys photography and does it on the side.  She was willing to be our wedding photographer.  We decided we wanted to take our engagement pictures about two months after we got engaged.  We were engaged in mid-August and decided to do our pictures at the beginning of October.  We chose different places that we enjoy going to together as well as places that meant something to us.  The locations we chose were Carleton College’s Arboretum, Bridgewater Elementary playground, and a local train track.  Our two hour session was a lot of fun and I was very happy we were able to get a second round of engagement pictures exactly one year later.

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