My Experience at the Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair {Featured Bride, Sarah V.}

Featured Bride, Sarah V.

Wedding Location: TBD | Wedding Date: August 11, 2012 This week, we're excited to introduce another beautiful Featured Bride! You may remember Sarah V., from her Proposal Story, which we posted a couple of weeks ago. We're lucky enough to have her back to share the rest of her wedding planning journey with us. Keep reading, to hear her story of the experience  she had this past weekend, at the Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair!

The TCBA Wedding Fair: "Incredible."

The Wedding Fair was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center this past weekend, and it was incredible! There were so many vendors, and twice as many brides! Newly engaged, as of September 25th, the TCBA Wedding Fair was an event that I was definitely looking forward to. I had heard about it way before my fiancé even popped the question, and after September 25th rolled along, I finally had my reason to go! I won two tickets to the Wedding Fair, through Wedding Shoppe, Inc's giveaway, based on my proposal story and all the wonderful comments it received.

Wedding Shoppe Inc. designer wedding dresses

Ok, ok, so I've done a little pre-engagement planning.

I was in line at 11am, just waiting to see what lay before me. You would not believe the amount of grief I got, and how many jokes were made, about how much planning I've already done! We already have the date set, the photographer, the church & reception site, and the DJ booked. The whole time, I kept thinking to myself, "Aren't these the big things?! Shouldn't I be glad to have them checked off my list?!" Since I already have those things done, I was able to bypass a lot of booths -- except for the décor ones.  I am a décor freak! Our wedding date is set for August 11, 2012, and I'm trying to incorporate a shabby chic vintage theme, with lots of DIY props.

Here are my highlights from the event:

As a former employee of "The Shoppe," I've known for the past five years, or so, that Wedding Shoppe Inc. was where I wanted to buy my wedding dress. I visited Wedding Shoppe, Inc. recently (and will definitely be back again!), for my wedding dress search. I am pretty sure I found "the one," but I found a really close second favorite on display at the fair! The bodice was kinda heavy, but it went so well with the beautiful skirt! I could not get over how soft the fabric rosettes were, and how airy it felt. Needless to say, it was so good to see the dress again! The dress is pictured up at the top, but because I loved it so much, here it is again:

Wedding Shoppe Inc. designer wedding dresses

Reception photo booths!

Shutterbooth - Isaiah and I have known, for quite some time, that we want to have a photo booth at our reception, as a little something-extra for people to enjoy. Trying to avoid paying $2,500 for a photo booth, I was running out of ideas, and had settled on a DIY photo booth, using my own backdrop and props... But I still had to find a way to set up my imagined DIY photo booth to take pictures over and over. Shutterbooth totally saved me! "Not a problem!," they said. The gentleman gave me plenty of options, and totally provided a way for me to use their services, as well as incorporate everything I still wanted to do on my own. Plus, the price was far under $2,500! SOLD!

The suits.

Heimie's Haberdashery - I was so over being crowded and welcomed by all of the tuxedo specialists at The Wedding Fair, since we'll be doing suits for the men in our party, not tuxedos. Isaiah and I have been to this place a few times, and have loved the quality and variety of their clothing. When I saw their booth, I was so excited, I scooted right through the crowd, as fast as I could... as if it wasn't going to be there in a few minutes! I talked with Chavis, and got all set up with suits. The price was great, and the process was done pretty quickly (probably because I'm a bride who knows what she wants!). I cannot wait to go back and start the process in February, when we're a little closer to the wedding date.

So, now that I've shared my faves, what were your favorite parts of the TCBA Wedding Fair?


Be sure to leave some love for Sarah in the comments section below. If you went to the Wedding Fair, we'd love to hear what your favorite part was.

Thanks for sharing your Wedding Fair experience with us, Sarah! We're so happy that you were able to attend and that you stopped by the booth to see us. We can't wait to hear what's going to happen next in your wedding planning journey.

~Wedding Shoppe, Inc.


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