Timing is Everything {Featured Bride, Nikki S.}

Featured bride Nikki S.: Timing is everything.

Featured Bride Nikki S., Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

Our story.

Well I am privileged to let you all in on my whole wedding planning experience.  Let’s start back at the beginning.  I met my future fiancé at a Northwestern College winter week event.  The school had rented out Comedy Sports for a night of fun for all students.  I went on a whim with my roommate and ended up sitting two seats down from a cocky football player (Reid).  I was making a comment to my roommate about the show saying how, “I wished I could have this job,” when Reid (whom I have never met) leans forward and says in complete confidence, “Nah, you’re not creative enough.”  I remember looking down the aisle, not knowing how to respond in wit to this grinning boy.  I figured I wouldn’t see much of him after that night, but to my surprise he was in my athletic leadership group for a mandatory conference the next couple days.  He sat behind me at this conference and confidently snatched my sketch book and began paging through.  He was a cocky football player who I had no idea how to respond to. About a month went by and I was asked out on a triple date by his roommate Marcus.  Marcus informed me that we needed to find a date for Reid and so Becky (a good friend of mine who was also invited on that date) set him up with Randi Lynn.  Randi and Reid are just about polar opposites and so we thought the night would be full of laughs.  We played card games and ate pizza and for some reason I was so uncomfortable and nervous.  Becky and Randi asked me what was wrong and I had told them I had no idea why I was feeling this way.  They asked if I had a crush on Marcus and I told them that I didn’t think that’s what it was.  Not long after Reid had left and I noticed the nervousness went away.   Becky knew, and a few days later she asked me how I felt about Reid.  Turns out, he was asking about me too :-) So we began to hang out a lot and enjoy getting to know one another.  You would think we ended up dating and lived happily ever after.  Not so much.  We decided to wait to date because Reid was going on a mission trip to South Carolina for the summer.  He left for that and not long after the talking and contact stopped.  He returned and wanted to wait to date even longer. During this time I got involved in Campus Outreach, a college ministry, on the women's side and committed to going to the same trip the following summer, while Reid headed to India for missions.  We spent another year apart but both growing a ton spiritually. After he got back from India and I from SC, we focused on giving our lives away to other students at NWC, wanting them to know Jesus.  Reid was a football player, and I the soccer captain, so we both focused on ministry to our teams.  It was hard to stay apart, but really helped me to trust him and God above all, that timing would be perfect and if it was meant to happen it would.  Reid approached me a year and half later and told me he wanted to take me on a date.  We began dating, and a month after, became boyfriend and girlfriend.   I committed to go to India, like he had the previous year and so we were anticipating another summer apart, except this time we were dating.  India was really hard physically, as well as being away from one another.  It was on that trip that I knew for the first time in my life I loved someone.  I would later find out he felt that around the same time also.  So I returned from India and Reid and I continued to date for a year and half before he proposed.

The proposal.

He proposed to me on Big Island on Lake Minnetonka.  We went to hike the island and he had asked me to find the best spot on the Island.  I had no idea what was coming!  I found a pretty spot, but because the bugs were so bad, I told him we should keep going.  Ha! Little did I know he had come to that exact spot and spent a day making it look nice with a weed whacker.  So we continued to walk to another point and when we stopped, he told me he loved me.  We had never said that before so I was actually confused and wondering if he meant to say it.  He told me the trail ends there and we needed to walk back the way we came.  I was pretty giddy over the ‘I love you’ still having no idea.  When we got back to the original spot he planned he got down on one knee and told me that when he said I love you he wanted it to be a commitment and not just a feeling and asked me to marry him!  I was so shocked.  I remember yelling “Is this real?”  We had never even looked at rings and it was amazing- just what I wanted.  Shaking, I said yes.  He went in to kiss me, also for the first time (we waited a whole 2 and ½ years to kiss- holy crap).  But, I told him that I was too overwhelmed and needed a few because I thought I might throw up.  We had our first kiss back on the boat and it was amazing as well. :-)  Worth the wait.

We're Engaged!!

The engagement.

Reid is an amazing man who loves Jesus.  I would never have saw myself waiting to date, waiting to kiss and not knowing ANYTHING about a possible engagement.  Because of all that I have learned to trust him so much and rest in the fact that God's timing is best.  He has helped me gain patience and honestly as hard as it was to wait at points, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Reid had men in his life helping him think and care for me and in return, I respect and trust him (and men in general) so much more than I ever had.  He is an amazing man who I am so excited to marry April 9, 2011.  I hope you follow our blog and are entertained and/or relate to the process of dating, engagement, wedding planning and preparing for a life together! Here are some other blogs you will love: First Things First: Wedding Ceremony Site, Wedding Reception Site & Wedding Photographer Our newest Bride-to-Be: LC of LCPhotography Picking Your Wedding Reception Site How It Happened: The Proposal

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