Featured Bride, Mary L.: 50 days and Counting!

Featured Bride, Mary L.: 50 days and Counting!
Featured Bride Mary L. Wedding Location: Braham, MN | Wedding Date: October 1, 2011

50 days and counting!

Holy moly! Does anyone know where the last three months went? I have no idea either! We are getting down to the wire with our wedding, which is means there are only 50 more days until I become Mary Jensen. And, man, am I excited for that! So many things have happened since my last post! To get you all up to speed, Tim and I have 1) bought a house and are now living together, 2) adopted an adorable kitten named Harvey, and 3) I got a full time job at Ameriprise Financial, working in downtown Minneapolis, which is about an hour drive each way from our house. Did I mention I work about 50 hours a week? Yes, call me crazy, but I’m loving every minute! So, the details…

Buying our home.

Our house is in Isanti, which is about an hour's drive north of the Cities.  It’s a really cute 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, house with an unfinished basement and great potential! The open floor plan is also great for entertaining. We’ve had so much help from both of our families (thanks, everyone, if you’re reading!), so it's furnished and was ready for us right away. designer wedding dresses

Adding to our family.

Our kitty, Harvey, is such a hoot! We adopted him from the Northwoods Humane Society in Wyoming, MN. He is a great fit for us for a couple of reasons: we wanted and orange and white kitty, he is SUPER playful, and Tim’s great grandpa’s name was Harvey, so he has a little sentimental value, too. I called the shelter and put a “travel hold” on him, and the weekend after we bought our house, it became a home with the addition of Harvey. designer wedding dresses

A new job.

My job, like I said, is with Ameriprise Financial.  I am in training right now, but will soon become a financial advisor. I have three huge exams to pass, all before the end of August, so I have been studying long and hard for them.

AND planning a wedding!

As for wedding planning, I just ordered our bubbles and favors last night from The Knot. We went with personalized lip balm, something we thought people would actually use, rather than candy (which was our second choice). We picked out the scripture readings for our ceremony, and have a meeting set up with the church organist next weekend. It’s all coming along great, and I can’t wait to see what songs we choose! With all of this craziness that is life, Tim and I have realized a few things. Because of our work schedules (I work days, he works nights), we don’t see much of each other during the week.  Tim has learned how to do laundry (very well I might add!), and I have perfected my lawn mowing skills as Tim follows with the trimmer. Little projects and “weekend chores” have become fun and exciting ways for us to spend time together. All in all, living together and working as a team has made us realize how much we appreciate the time we do spend together.  Whether it's grocery shopping at midnight on Fridays (our new “date night” ritual!) or just hanging out at home watching a movie on Sunday nights before the work week starts, we pay more attention to each other and really cherish the quality time we do have together.


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