Exotic Prom Dresses 2012: The Leopard Prom Dress Trend

If you've been keeping up with us on My Wedding Chat, then you know that exotic prom dresses are one of the hottest trends in prom dresses 2012. Since there are so many different styles to choose from, we decided to do a mini-series on all the fab options (but don't worry, this mini-series is way more fun than most TV mini-series are - at least, in our opinion!). Last week, we talked about the ultra-stylish peacock dress prom trend, and today, we're moving up the food chain, and shining the spotlight on one of our all-time favorite styles: leopard print prom dresses 2012.
Jovani Leopard prom Dress 172065 Jovani Prom Dress 3806
Night Moves 6496 Night Moves 6498

Exotic prom dresses: Cheetah and leopard printed prom dresses 2012.

Leopards and cheetahs and super-fab prom gowns, oh my! Leopard print is one of the hottest trends in fashion right now, and we seriously can't get enough. Whether you feel like going for a leopard prom dress in natural hues, or you want to make a splash in brightly colored leopard print dresses for prom, there are tons of styles to choose from. From turquoise leopard prom dress styles, to pink and leopard print prom dress styles, to green and blue animal print prom dress styles, there is literally a rainbow of these fantastic animal print prom gowns for you to choose from. So get ready to start seeing spots - animal printed prom dresses 2012, here we come! Check out the latest looks at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

Leopard prom dress styles at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Jovani Leopard Prom Dress Jovani Orange Prom Dress

Pink and leopard print prom dress styles.

Night Moves Pink Leopard Night Moves Pink Prom Dress

 Tony Bowls pink and leopard print:

Tony Bowls Exotic Prom Dresses If you're on the hunt for exotic prom dresses, you should really check out the collection of Tony Bowls prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe Inc. There are tons of great animal print prom dresses by Tony Bowls. Tons. Pink and Leopard Print Prom Dress Styles from the Collection of Tiffany Prom Dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Turquoise leopard prom dress styles.

Night Moves Leopard Prom La Femme Exotic Prom Dresses
Jovani Prom Dress 171205 La Femme High Low Exotic

More turquoise, green, and blue animal print prom dress styles:

Short animal print prom dresses at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

Jovani Short Animal Print Prom La Femme Short Exotic Prom Dresses

More short animal print prom gowns:

Strapless animal printed dresses 2012:

Leopard print dresses with unique details:

Purple animal print prom gowns:

Multi-colored animal print:

So, what do you guys think? The leopard prom dress trend is pretty fab, right? Which one of these animal print prom gowns is your fave? We'd love to hear what you think, so drop us a line in a comment below! ~ ~ ~

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