Everything You Need to Know About the Royal Wedding

Is it too early to say the royal wedding countdown has begun? It’s still a little bit away but we are all so anxious and extremely excited for this royal wedding that we can’t even sit still! There are so many images buzzing around in our heads; what will Megan’s dress look like, who will design it, what celebrities will be in attendance and what can we expect to see during the ceremony and events to follow. Let’s go back and learn a little about this adorable couple. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first met on a blind date in July 2016 and quickly knew that their hearts were meant to be joined as one. During their courtship they were very lucky to have shared lots of private time together to really get to know each other. Just a short time after their first date, he whisked her away on a trip to Botswana, Africa where they spent time camping under the stars, talking, sharing memories of their lives and really getting to know each other. It is where the love story began although he says he knew she was the one the first night they met. lace wedding dress

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The royal story

Can’t you just imagine that she must have felt she was playing a role in a movie…I mean how many women can say they are sleeping under the stars with a prince in Africa and it’s just the third date?  It is so important in the beginning of a relationship that you are not constantly surrounded by people poking into your relationship so being in Africa in a remote place gave them time to just enjoy each other. You have to be able to be alone (as much as a prince is allowed to be) and be genuinely you so you can truly fall in love. Fast forward to today and here we are days away from a fairytale wedding where an American actress becomes a Princess. Yassss! This is really what movies are all about. Every little girl dreams that this will be her life but so few get to live it so the next best thing is to obsess about the ones that do. Meghan is no exception; millions of women everywhere are wishing they were her.  We are all wondering what Meghan’s wedding dress will look like and knowing that whatever it is, it will spark a change in wedding dress designs everywhere. For all the brides that are engaged and getting married in the next year or so, seeing what Meghan will wear as she she says “I do” to Prince Harry is so important.

Royal wedding timeline: What can you expect to see during this monumental royal wedding? 

The location is the magical and historic St George’s Chapel of Windsor Castle. Dating back to 1528 it is sure to make a breathtaking venue for this fairytale love story. Fun fact: Prince Harry was christened in St George’s Chapel so it is near and dear to his heart. The couple will become one at 1 pm, London time so you will have to get up early to see this one - that’s 8 am Eastern time. There will only be around 800 guests in attendance, less than half of his brother’s wedding that hosted 1900. A traditional carriage ride after the ceremony should be expected with it ending back at Windsor Castle for a lunchtime reception with the guests.

The dress

Later in the evening the festivities will continue with another reception most likely hosted by Prince Charles. We are predicting that Meghan Markle will change into another stunning gown for the evening reception, but what exactly it will look like is a mystery. Everyone is dying to know who the wedding dress designer for the royal wedding will be and, of course, what the gowns will look like. Speculations include a ballgown with some sort of sleeve of course because it is royal tradition, but is that what Meghan will wear as she marries Prince Harry? In America, we see brides wearing a lot of fitted dresses, showcasing their curves instead of the traditional ballgown. Is that too risky for Meghan? ballgown We ALL want to know what her dress will look like. And we don’t want to see it later that day on google or the next day on other social media platforms. We want to see it from the very first moment the guests see it. We want to see his reaction to his beautiful bride and we want to see the love pouring out for such a beautifully spirited couple. Let’s face it, it really is about the fairytale. Make sure to set your alarm so you can see the magic unfold “live”…or better yet have a watch party. beaded ballgown

Did you know...

As the royal wedding day gets closer it’s almost like we are little girls watching Cinderella but instead we are all in awe of our American Celebrity becoming a royal. Surprisingly enough, after marrying Prince Harry she will not become a Princess - the couple will be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Rules governing the British crown state only those born into the royal family can use the title of Prince or Princess, followed by their first name. Sorry Meghan, no Princess title for you, but we are sure you will be happy with Duchess and the man of your dreams. bridal crown Details have not yet been announced on who will carry live footage of the event, but whoever it is we will be glued to their station. Stay tuned to WSI's social channels - you know we'll be watching! What are our predictions on her wedding dress? We are predicting that she will stay pretty true to tradition for the ceremony dress. After all, if you look at her fashion style before meeting Prince Harry she is very classic and sophisticated. However, we would love to see her in a fitted gown with demur neckline and amazing (and super long) detachable skirt. bridal gowns We want to know your thoughts. What do you hope she will wears? Do you expect any broken traditions with the dress? We already know one broken tradition is the day of the week the wedding falls on. Typically royal weddings are on a weekday and therefore it is deemed a bank holiday, but not this couple - Saturday is the day for their “I do’s”. Comment to share your best guesses on her dress, the celebrity guests, the reception and more.

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