Real-Life Engagement Stories: It Was Written in the Stars

Featured Bride, Megan T. Wedding Location: TBD | Wedding Date: August 25, 2012
“Everything happens for a reason! I have no doubt that God puts certain people in our lives at certain times, and Cory was a perfect example of this.” ~ Featured Bride, Megan T.

Engagement Stories Megan and Cory

Real-life engagements: It was written in the stars.

Wedding planning journeys always start the same way: with romantic proposals, of course! And romantic proposals always start the same way, too: with great love stories. Megan and Cory are no exception; their story begins with a social-network-fueled courtship, followed by a whirlwind trip around Europe, and a romantic proposal under the stars. Does it get any better? We doubt it! We never tire of love stories here at My Wedding Chat. Please welcome our newest Featured Bride, Megan, and read all about another one of our sweet engagement stories.


About us:

Cory and I have been together for over three years now.  We were engaged on 9/10/11, exactly one week before my twin sister’s wedding.  Before I give details about our engagement, here’s a little bit about our beginning: I met Cory through a mutual friend during my sophomore year of college. After hanging out with Cory in our group of friends and becoming Facebook friends (like you do with most people you meet these days), it was very clear to me what a gentleman Cory was. Weeks passed and summer was approaching. I was headed to Austin, TX to be a nanny for relatives, and I was beyond excited for my new summer adventure. Boys were certainly the last thing on my summer priority list! Little did I know that, while I was away, Cory and I would begin a lifelong friendship via social networking (thank you, Facebook chat!), texting, and long phone calls. I loved every minute of my summer away, but was so excited to get back to see what was in store for us.  I was incredibly shocked when my twin sister and closest friends surprised me at the airport when I arrived home, but I was even more stunned to see Cory there to surprise me, too!  It was love at “second” sight.

Love stories have to start somewhere!

After about three months of dating, I brought up to Cory the subject of the two of us going to Europe together the following summer. I had always been so intrigued by the idea of backpacking with another person, and who better to experience it with than your significant other? (He was already quite the world traveler.) Months passed and on May 20, 2009, we headed out on our month-long backpacking adventure to Italy, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. It was the trip of a lifetime, and at the end of our amazing month together, we knew we were meant to be together! Fast forward a few years to 2011: it was the week before my twin sister’s wedding back home.  We headed north to do a last minute camping trip, because we knew it was our last “free” weekend for awhile. Let’s be honest, I was hoping and praying this was it! For quite awhile we had talked about getting engaged before my sister’s wedding, and well, this was the last chance for that to happen. We arrived early in the afternoon, set up our campsite, and then headed into town for some pizza. My first “aha!” moment was when Cory insisted on leaving his backpack in the trunk, rather than bringing it to the campsite with the rest of our stuff. It crossed my mind over and over that the ring must be in there! I tried not to get my hopes up, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We got back from pizza, and still, Cory insisted on leaving his backpack in the car. I kept trying to tell myself that there was nothing weird about that.

One of the most romantic proposals ever!

A few hours later, after a walk on the trails, Cory mentioned wanting to bring a blanket out onto the prairie to watch the stars and the sunset. I initially turned the idea down when I realized I didn’t have jeans along, and the thought of ticks made me cringe. But after Cory insisted, I gave in and followed. We enjoyed the beautiful colors, sounds, and scenery from the prairie while talking about our families, love, and life. As it got darker, I kept hinting at wanting to head back to the campsite, and Cory kept prolonging the conversation. He then started talking about our families and our future together, and then I knew the moment was finally here!  Rather than getting down on one knee (we were cuddled underneath the stars), he put his hands in front of me with a ring and popped the question! My throat went dry, but I managed to get out a very excited “Yes!” We were beyond excited to share the news with our family and friends, and actually kept it a secret for a few days so we could share in person. I consider myself a very lucky girl because Cory is right here next to me every step of the way in this chaotic and fun wedding planning process!  (He is way more creative than I am.)  I am so excited to be sharing our story with you, and cannot wait to keep you posted on the ups, downs, and tips we learn throughout this crazy wedding planning process.  Our wedding day, August 25, 2012 (which also happens to be our four year anniversary), cannot come soon enough!


Thank you so much for sharing your proposal story with us, Megan! We are so excited to hear that Cory has taken on an active role in helping you plan, and we cannot wait to hear more about your wedding planning adventure. Congratulations on your engagement! ~Wedding Shoppe, Inc.

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