Real-Life Engagement Stories: "The Most Memorable Day of My Life"

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The most memorable day of my life!

Anna T. was one of the fabulous contestants in our Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway, in which she won a pair of tickets to the Wedding Fair, by telling us her romantic marriage proposal story. We're so excited that she has agreed to continue sharing her wedding journey with us! Here is another look at the story of how her fiancé made his marriage proposal:

Anna T. Engagement Photo

It all started with a picnic.

A friendship that began almost a decade ago has now blossomed into true love. Wayne and I met our freshman year of high school, and remained friends until after our senior year. We went on our first date - a picnic at a park near Wayne's house - shortly after we graduated from high school, in 2005. To this day, we both agree that it was one of the best dates that either of us has ever been on. Since we were both starting college that fall, we decided that it would be best to remain "just friends," but throughout college, we remained close; and in the fall of 2008, we went on our second “first date": a visit to an apple orchard. God still had other plans for our lives, but little did we know: He was just getting us ready for what was yet to come.

Our Third "First."

When the fall of 2010 rolled around, we decided to give it another shot, because as everyone says, "The third time's the charm!." We went on our third “first date” in November, and Wayne came up to visit me in Moorhead for Thanksgiving, since I couldn’t make it home. Things moved slowly from there, but "slow" worked for us. We got to see each other every once in a while, on the weekends, but once I moved home in February, we were able to start working more on “us”. We fell more and more in love with each other, and before we knew it, we were talking about our future together!

Celebrating Our First "First."

The morning of July 4th, 2011, Wayne suggested that we relive our first "first date" by going on a picnic. He asked if there was anywhere special I wanted to go, and since I had never been to Minnehaha Falls, that's the place I picked. So, we bought everything we needed, borrowed a picnic basket and blanket, and packed it all up, for what would, unbeknownst to me, be the most memorable day of my life (so far). We ate a late lunch at Minnehaha Falls, and after our little picnic, we decided to take walk around, to see the falls. We started walking around the trails down by the river, and Wayne kept complaining about how many people were there. I tried to make him feel better, by telling him that it was busy because it was a holiday weekend, but I don't think I helped much! When we were finally alone on one of the trails, he pulled out his phone and asked me to hold it while he tied his shoe. A Little Backstory: When I was younger, my dad used to ask me to hold something (any ol' object), while he "tied his shoe" ... then he would just walk away, because most of the time, he had sandals on (you can't tie sandals, Silly!). When I shared this story with Wayne, he loved it, and asked me to play along with him, if he ever did that to me.

Hold the Phone. I'm Engaged!

So, back to the story: Wayne handed me his phone... then didn't really move, so I handed it back to him. He persisted, saying, "No, please humor me, hold my phone while I tie my shoe." So again, I took his phone.  This time, he bent down to "tie" his flip-flop and reached into his pocket. Then, he pulled out a box with a ring in it (I know my friends reading this would make a joke about him proposing with just a box, if I didn't add "with a ring in it"), opened it up, and asked me to marry him! Almost immediately, I started crying, and barely managed to squeak a happy "Yes!," because I was so excited. We have a lot of planning already under our belts, and we're so excited to share our wedding planning process with everyone. Even though our wedding is only a little over seven months away, we can’t wait for the big day to finally get here, so we can celebrate our love with our family and friends!


Thanks again, for sharing with us, Anna! We always love reading the engagement stories from our Featured Brides! We can't wait to hear more about your amazing wedding planning journey.

~Wedding Shoppe, Inc.


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