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Engagement Photography Sessions: Helpful Tips from LC

So, you have your ring ~ or you've asked for her hand and CONGRATS, you're engaged! :) Now comes the wedding planning. One of the joys of being engaged is in the wedding planning. Sharing tasks and working as a team to complete a shared interest creates some amazing memories for the two of you as well as a deeper connection. Okay, I will stop being cheesy now, but it is a very special time. As you know by now, Wedding Photography is as most would say, one of the "most important" pieces of your big day. After all, this is how you will remember everything that happened on that day. So, while it is important to have those shots to reflect on of your wedding day... it is also amazing to have portraits to look back at that remind you of the time before you tied the knot... your engagement. This is where I come in with some pointers regarding Engagement Photography Sessions!

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"Creative Wedding Photos You Will Love" "Drone Photography for Weddings: Should You Try this Techie Trend?" "Get the Best Wedding Reception Photos" 1. First off, HAVE ONE. Engagement Sessions are not only a fabulous time to capture some great pre-wedded bliss, but also a GREAT time to get comfortable with your photographer before the day of your wedding. Getting the photo-jitters out of the way before the big day is vital and I couldn't suggest Engagement Sessions more.

2. Wear comfortable clothing.

You will shoot yourself in the foot if you wear something too tight that you are unable to sit in or run in! Lots of photographers crave movement in photos - I am one of them! :) *Another note on clothing... dresses are great for girls and dark wash jeans for guys! Try to avoid patterns as well and coordinate a color scheme (black and white with a touch of color... etc.) 3. Bring meaningful props that express yourselves. This could be a football, balloons, an old camera or even wildflowers you picked the day of the shoot. Props always add personalization to any portraits and also help to tell a story! Pets count too!

4. Get ready for some PDA.

Get ready to kiss in front of strangers... Dance in the middle of a deserted park... Splash around in the water... and get cozy in public. I know this can be difficult, but if you have the comfort level with the one you're spending the rest of your life with - the rest is easy. Your photographer will help in posing and making it all look effortless...


The best photos are candids. I don't care what any other photographer says... it's true. If you are having fun and moving around and enjoying your session, the proof is in the pictures. Let yourself enjoy this time. Live in the moment. No regrets.

6. Be prepared.

Rain, snow and heat happens. Watch the weather before your session (even though we all know they are wrong nearly 50% of the time). Work with your photographer to have a "Rain Plan" in place prior to your session... a good photographer will know this and help you think up alternative locations and ideas! Umbrellas make fabulous props! :)

7. Communicate.

Tell your photographer your engagement story. Let them know what angles you like best. Talk to them about what you want to achieve in your session or if there is a "mood" or feeling you want to express.

8. Plan early.

Sessions book up quickly! Make sure you talk with your photographer and schedule your session so that you have enough time to get our your Save the Dates and also on his/her calendar. Well, that's all I have for you on this Wedding Wednesday! Cheers! LC Check out these other helpful blogs by LC for My Wedding Chat: Vintage, Romantic, Fun? What's Your Style? What to Look for when Selecting your Wedding Photographer

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