Drone Photography for Weddings: Should You Try this Techie Trend?

When we hear the word “drone,” we think of million-dollar military machines with a not-so-nuptial purpose. I’m challenging you to throw that image out the window, and instead picture a small flying machine up in the air, capturing the memories of your big day. Yes, drone photography for weddings is officially a trend. I was watching The Today Show the other morning, and discovered that professional photographers are investing in small drones that can capture aerial photos from every angle, revolutionizing the industry. In theory the new trend is pretty unbelievable, but these aren’t your average remote control toys. There are etiquette issues to consider, not to mention the legality of the devices—ever heard of the FAA? If you’re up for this techy trend, here are a few tips to consider.

Drone Photography for Weddings: The need-to-know facts.

Drone Photography for Weddings Where did photographers get this crazy idea? A lot of people don’t realize that drones have been used to take aerial photos for years. The real estate business uses them to snap bird’s-eye view property photos, and they’ve been used for decades in the film industry. Martha Stewart just used one to photograph her entire New York estate! With these projects in mind, it’s no wonder the wedding industry took them on. Brides and grooms love unique wedding photos, and these high-tech machines can capture memories from every angle imaginable. Not to mention they can take indoor, outdoor, aerial, and close-up shots.

Are they legal?

According to the New York Times, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is asking the same question. A lot of debate has risen over the flying devices—Amazon drone deliveries, ring a bell? These machines are dangerous when in a crowd; get too low at the ceremony and you may have an injury on your hands. Photographers with this service hire a professional to control the machine, but a very popular YouTube video show that accidents can happen. While still considered legal, it’s safe to say that strict regulations may crash weddings soon.

What are the risks?

Whether or not they’re legal is still under debate, but what other risks should you consider? First of all, these remote control aircrafts can only fly for a short amount of time. That means when they take off, you have 15-30 minutes to get every shot you want. Some photographers request a rehearsal before the big day. Do you want to take on this stress? The flying machines are also quite loud and distracting. If you’ve considered banning cell phones from the ceremony, you probably won’t want a drone flying overhead either. Guests should be focused on you, not the sky! This add-on can also run you $400 for 30 minutes of flight, resulting in only a few photographs. Unique Wedding Photography

Tandem Tree Photography

The ups and downs of drone photography:

Ups: 1. One-of-a-kind photos 2. Bird’s-eye view pictures and video 3. Endless camera angles 4. Indoor and outdoor capabilities Downs: 1. Very loud and distracting 2. Can’t be used in the wind, snow, or rain 3. Expensive 4. Short flight times with few images

Should you take on the trend?

If you and your fiancé are a tech-loving couple, this might be the trend for you. Some of the shots are unreal, and a bird’s-eye view of you walking down the aisle would be pretty amazing. If the cost is too high or the photos lack the intimacy you love, you may want to pass. Other options would be a GoPro camera or hiring a professional videographer you trust. In the end, the drone decision is up to you. All I ask is if you do use one, send the photos to blog@weddingshoppeinc.com!

What are your opinions on this techy trend? Would you try it? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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