The Keys to Do It Yourself Wedding Makeup

I love a good how-to or DIY project. It gets your blood pumping and gives you the feeling of something new in the air! As you can imagine, DIY weddings are like candy to me. So in an effort to help you ease into your DIY wedding with grace, today Jen is sharing her brown smoky eye makeup tutorial: the perfect do it yourself wedding makeup.

Bridal makeup: Brown smoky eye makeup tutorial.

Smoky eye makeup is a hard technique to master because of the use of such dark colors. That’s why we’re going to keep things simple today and give you a stunning bridal makeup look with this brown smoky eye makeup tutorial. Just an FYI - You can click the pictures to enlarge them! You ready? Take it away, Jen!

Bridal makeup steps 1 through 3:

Step 1: Eye shadow primer. An eye shadow primer not only helps make your eye shadow last, it also helps preserve the integrity of the color. Step 2: Base color. I chose a medium bronze for my base color, and applied it using a brush with stiff, flat bristles. A brush like this gives you a nice, solid wash of color. Apply it from your lash line to the crease. Step 3: Contour/crease color. This should be your darkest color. Using a stiff dome brush, start applying your color by dabbing at the outer corner and working your way upward and inward, into the crease. Remember, it’s a lot easier to add color than to take it away, so be patient and don’t try to put too much on right away.

Bridal makeup steps 4 &5.

Step 4: Grab your fluffy dome brush and blend into the crease. This will soften the colors and keep them from looking too severe. Step 5: Using your lightest color and your fluffy dome brush, highlight your brow bone, just under your eyebrows.

Smoky eye makeup isn’t perfect until you line those lids!

Step 6: Eyeliner. I used a waterproof gel eyeliner, which is fantastic for wedding makeup because it’s less messy than liquid eyeliner, it’s waterproof, and it lasts all day. It’s also easy to smudge before it dries to amp up the smoky effect.
Pull your eyelid taught and, working from the inside out, apply your eyeliner just at the lash line using your flat angled brush. Repeat with the next eye, then step back and make sure both eyes are even. Adjust accordingly. If you opt to wear eyeliner on the bottom lash line, apply it with the same brush one-third to one-half of the way across your eye, to make your eyes pop.

Do it yourself wedding makeup steps 6&7.

Step 7: Brows. Filling in your brows helps define your face, particularly if your brows aren’t very full to begin with. Unless your natural hair color is very dark brown or black, most people can get by filling their brows in with a light brown pencil or powder (depending on your preference). You don’t want it to look severe; just “finished.”

Be daring with your do it yourself wedding makeup.

Step 8: False lashes. Unless you have unbelievably long, lush eyelashes, you’ll probably benefit from using false ones for a big event like your wedding. They can be pretty intimidating, so I recommend buying the individual lashes over the strip lashes. You have more control over where you place them and they are much easier to work with; plus they last a lot longer than strip lashes. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a tutorial on how to apply these!

Finishing touches on your bridal makeup steps 8&9.

Step 9: Mascara. Since emotions run high at weddings, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in some waterproof mascara! There are tons of different formulas and types out there, so finding one that is a waterproof version of what you usually wear will probably be your best bet. For the best results, start at the lashline and work your way to the ends using a horizontal back-and-forth motion. Ok, take a deep breath and start practicing for your big day ASAP. Each time you try this brown smoky eye makeup tutorial you’ll get better, and soon you’ll look just as striking and natural as Jen. Confused? Have questions? Send us an email

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