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If you’re planning on having a small wedding, or if you just have a big yard at your disposal, you might be thinking about having a backyard wedding reception. To this, I say, “Go for it!” There are so many reasons this is a great idea, but most of all it means that you get to have your wedding in a place where you feel truly at home. You may also discover how easy it can be to design a backyard big day. Summer bridesmaid dresses fit right in with their casual style and vibrant colors. Bridesmaid dresses from the Dessy Collection will fit your girls perfectly with their spot-on prices, great colors, and versatile designs.
Short Dessy Twist Dress Dessy Twist Dress

The Dessy Collection: Prices your ladies will thank you for.

It’s likely that if you’re throwing a backyard wedding reception, at least one criteria in your mind is cost. If you’re not spending a ton on your wedding, you probably don’t want to ask your ‘maids to do the same—Dessy Collection bridesmaid dresses to the rescue! The cost of most of these dresses is well within department store range, and certainly under many other designers’ prices. Plus, where else can you find summer bridesmaid dresses with such a variety of shades and styles?
Long Dessy Twist Dress Long Dessy Twist Dress Back

Colors that will complement your backyard wedding reception.

Dessy Group colors are gorgeous, simple as that! If you want vibrant colors that reflect the happiness of your backyard wedding reception, start perusing the selection of shades from Dessy. Their Pantone colors will wow your guests and fit right into your outdoor day. Some of the top wedding colors for summer are coral, blush, Radiant Orchid, gold, yellow, and orange. As you can see, bold is beautiful this year.

Dessy Collection styles you can design yourself.

Start shopping all of Dessy’s summer bridesmaid dresses and you'll quickly find a look to fit your backyard wedding style. Have you checked out the new Twist collection? Find a color for your summer wedding, then twist until you create the dress of your dreams! Let your ‘maids design a look that flatters their figure, or work together to create a style you all love. Make it a game at your bridal shower! Summer bridesmaid possibilities are endless when you decide on Dessy.

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