Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses: A Fab Fit for Any Dream Wedding

When my fiancé finally put that ring on my finger, it seemed like everyone had advice: go to this bridal shop, use that wedding photographer. The best advice I received so far, however, was to check out The Dessy Group, specificially Dessy Collection bridesmaid dresses, for my ladies. While everything else about my ceremony seems uncertain—except for the man of course—I now know that my ladies can have an assortment of great designs to choose from.
Dessy 2858 Dessy 2862

Dessy bridesmaid dresses deliver variety and value.

My fiancé and I are still in the early planning stages of our wedding. Let’s call it the “dreaming” stage, because we haven’t picked out a venue or really decided how many people we’re planning to host. However, I do know that I want my bridesmaids to have dresses that are on-trend and fabulous, both for the day and afterwards. Dessy bridesmaid dresses deliver both. I can’t wait to talk with the girls about whether they want sleek Greek-style column dresses or cute, short brocade Jackie-O style dresses.

The Dessy Collection calls for unique designs.

Dessy bridesmaid gowns are unique, just like my ladies. Whether my fiancé and I choose a formal evening ceremony that requires that one-shoulder bridesmaid gown, or a casual afternoon ceremony where a cute cocktail lace dress like style 2911 will work best, I know my girls can find something they’d love from The Dessy Collection. Dessy bridesmaid dresses have vintage inspiration, plenty of elegance, and a variety to fit any wedding theme.
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How do I decide on my Dessy bridesmaid gowns?

Looking at all these lovely gowns doesn’t make my decision any easier, but it certainly makes it more fun. I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up planning every facet of her wedding, so now I get to dream! What sort of bridal jewelry will I pair with the bridesmaid dresses? What will each of my friends look like in the styles they choose? And most importantly: will these dresses be comfortable enough for my ladies to get down on the dance floor with me?
I know the answer to the last question is a resounding, YES!

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