Grand Old Day Teaser: How To Create a Just Married Car Sign

Grand Old Day Teaser: How To Create a Just Married Car Sign
Here at the Shoppe we're getting very excited for Grand Old Day on June 2nd here in Saint Paul! We're going to be in the parade as usual and are busy getting ready for it. However, we wanted to make sure we were able to share the fun with all of our readers, so we documented our parade preparations. Maybe they can help you with your own wedding's just married car decorations! We love doing craft projects, and found the perfect excuse to create adorable just married car decorations this past week. We decided to try out a pinterest wedding idea and create a homemade Just Married car sign for the back of our car in the parade. Here's how we did it:

Create your own just married car sign:

1. Find a piece of wood (or other material) you'd like to use for your just married car sign. We picked up this small sheet of plywood at a hardware store. just married car sign step 1 2. Sketch out in pencil what you want to paint onto the sign. We chose to use hand drawn big fancy cursive letters, but the options are really endless. If you don't trust your own drawing skills, another method is to print out 'just married' in a computer font you like, cut out the letters, and trace them onto the wood.

3. Once you're happy with your sign, paint over your pencil lines. We chose to use white paint, but another idea is to use your wedding colors. Just make sure the color stands out enough on the wood to be readable!

just married car sign step 2 just married car sign step 3
4. Lastly, it's a good idea to spray some sort of protective spray over the sign, like an outdoor paint sealer, to protect the sign in case it rains (or snows!). We skipped this step since we're only using the sign for the parade, but for your own wedding your just married car sign would make a cute keepsake! 5. (Optional) There are many ways to add additional decorations to your sign if you wish. Some ideas we came up with were streamers, balloons, origami or faux flowers, and/or beads. We recommend choosing something that fits with your wedding theme!

Add your own style to personalize your just married car sign.

Hopefully our how-to is helpful for when you are making your just married car decorations. Keep in mind that this is your special day, so feel free to personalize every last detail including your just married car sign! Here's how our finished sign turned out: Hopefully if you're around the area we'll see you at the Grand Old Day parade on June 2nd. This year our theme for Grand Old Day is 'A Wedding Through the Decades'. Stay tuned to My Wedding Chat to learn more about our parade preparations, including how to make more just married car decorations!

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June 21, 2020 20:46

So traditional.. I love it!

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