The Guest List: Come One, Come All, or Maybe Not

Featured Bride Nikki S., Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

The guest list: Come one, come all... or maybe not.

The biggest stressor we are dealing with revolves entirely around our guest list.  Lets just back up a few steps and tell you a little about Reid and I.  Reid works for a college ministry in which he raises his entire income for the church.  We are considered missionaries by profession.  When Reid and I get married, I will be following in that same path and we will look to double our support to be ministering to college students.  It's like working as a fundraiser for a nonprofit.  Because of this, we have a large base of financial supporters who are very dear and crucial to our job, as well as a large staff team that is more than just "co-workers."  So naturally you factor two big families and a lot friends in and you are looking at a large guest list.  We have a reception hall at Rush Creek Golf Course that holds 330 people and our current list is at 385 with cuts being made.

Where do you draw the line?

Do you invite the friends you had in high school, college or both?  We started using a method where we would ask ourselves, "if you ran into that person at a grocery store tomorrow, what would you talk about?"  If either of us thought it would be small talk, or they would struggle to remember our fiance's name, that was a good indication they shouldn't come.  It's also hard because my parents are paying for the meal and I want them to feel like they have freedom to invite who they would like.  However, there were a few conversations that needed to be had after looking at that list and not knowing 15 of them.  We have also decided to just invite students to the dance potion of the wedding.  With us both being just out of college and our job revolving around the campus, we are hoping for this to make them feel included as well as give us a small relief when trying to figure out numbers.  Overall, the guest list is crucial for showers, invites, cost and overall feel.  We want our wedding to feel catered to our guests and inviting them to celebrate our new life.  I am printing my invitations tomorrow at my aunt's print shop and cant wait for them to go out.  We are under 90 days people!  Oh my goodness. Follow Nikki & Reid on their wedding journey here on My Wedding Chat. Other Blogs You’ll Love: Teamwork Makes Dream Work by Featured Bride Nikki S. Timing is Everything by Featured Bride Nikki S. Wedding Planning Update by Featured Bride Nikki S. Top 5 Ways to Save Early-On in Wedding Planning by Featured Bride Nikki S.

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