Colorful Shoes Can Change Your Whole Life

Just like Cinderella, you will feel like a princess when you slip your perfectly pedicured foot into the most important shoes you will ever wear. Choosing comfortable wedding shoes that will carry you down the aisle to your new husband, and your new life can be a bit of an overwhelming task. Do you go for classic white, or change things up with fun colorful shoes? If you are like me you find the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen, and build your bridal look around them!

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Pick a pair of colorful shoes that you will cherish forever.

One thing I kept thinking about when I was shopping for my comfortable wedding shoes was to buy a pair that was fun, unique, and that I could cherish forever. Wedding gowns get tucked away for safe keeping, only to be pulled out once ever other decade. A great pair of shoes however, can be displayed beautifully on a shelf, and worn out on special occasions! My number one piece of advice for shoe shopping before your wedding would be to go with a pair that makes your heart flutter, and throw practicality out of the window! If you can’t find the color and style you’re looking for, you could try dyable wedding shoes.

Comfortable wedding shoes: don’t forget about how important the fit is!

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As fabulous as a pair of shoes may be, you must remember that you will be walking, standing, and dancing in them for hours on end. When shopping for colorful shoes, make sure you try them on, and walk around the store in them for a while to make sure they don’t rub or pinch. Some stores may even let you take the shoes home and wear them on carpeted floor before committing to your final purchase. If you can’t find the color you want, consider purchasing dyable wedding shoes!

Commit to your fabulous footwear.

Have you considered dyable wedding shoesPhotography by -  Eddie Marroquin Photography

Once you have fallen head over heels, and ensured a great fit, it’s time to commit to your fabulous footwear. Your dress will need to be altered depending on the height of your heels, so make sure to get them fast! Oh, and for fun, choose jewelry to match the color of your shoes. Congratulations on your wedding, and happy shopping!

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